Samsung Pay coming to Australia, Singapore, and Brazil this year

Himanshu, 06 January, 2016

Samsung has announced that its mobile payments service Samsung Pay, which is currently only available in the US and South Korea, will soon be expanded to several other countries, including Australia, Singapore, and Brazil. The announcement was made at the company's CES conference.

While three other countries - the UK, Spain, and China - were also mentioned, expansion to these markets has already been announced by the South Korean company. In China, the service will be launched in cooperation with the country's bank card organization China UnionPay, Samsung recently revealed.

While China, Spain, and the UK could see Samsung Pay launching in Q1 this year, there's no information on exactly when it will be available in Australia, Singapore, and Brazil.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Singapore and UK uses the N920I and G920I version. Does this mean that all the I versions will have Samsung Pay support for people using in the US?

  • Gibby

When's odd coming to Canada ffs??! Common Samsung - pull your finger out!