Samsung points out key features of the Galaxy TabPro S in an infographic

George, 08 January, 2016

Samsung wants to make sure you know full well that the TabPro S is a Windows 10 tablet despite the Galaxy moniker, so far reserved for the company's Android lineup. In this latest infographic Windows is only mentioned some 8 times, but other key selling points of the TabPro S have been highlighted as well.

It's the best of Galaxy tablets, thanks in no small part to its "long battery". The full-size keyboard and touchpad are prominent features as well, making productivity more than a buzzword. The multi-port adapter is not the best thing to advertise, but we figure fitting full size USB and HDMI ports on a 6.3mm-thin tablet might have been on the impossible side of being an engineering challenge.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S infographic Samsung Galaxy TabPro S infographic Samsung Galaxy TabPro S infographic
Samsung Galaxy TabPro S infographic

There's the obligatory tribute to the 12-inch AMOLED screen, with "more than 94% true color reproduction" - a first in the Windows realm, Samsung claims. Fastest network, fast charging and not as fast Intel Core M processor also get a mention.



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  • AnonD-487543

I will waiting for it...

Most exciting samsung tablet ever, by a long shot. If the price is right, it should do well

  • AnonD-126854

Market is often subjective. There are many other factors that run it. But I may say for sure, PC productivity in light and sleek form factor is the future. Comments like his will not stop it. Time of the toys is soon over. This device shows that ...

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