Samsung posts official hands-on videos detailing Galaxy S24 series’ AI features

Michail, 18 January 2024

Samsung demoed a ton of new AI capabilities on stage at yesterday’s Galaxy Unpacked event as part of its Galaxy AI suite on the Galaxy S24 series. Samsung Newsroom now shared a series of videos covering all of the new Galaxy AI features in more detail.

Live Translate is offers two-way, real-time voice translations in 13 languages directly from the Samsung Phone app. Live Translate supports Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, and Vietnamese languages and Samsung is promising additional languages in future software updates. Samsung assured that translations are on-device and that phone calls remain secure.

Transcript Assist can transcribe, translate and summarize your voice recordings. The feature is baked into the Samsung Voice Recorder app and can even differentiate between different speakers within a single recording.

Chat Assist is similar to Live Translate in that it translates messages in 13 supported languages. It works in the native Samsung Messages app as well as third-party messaging apps and shows you translations below each message. This feature also suggests different writing styles and tones depending on the conversation.

Note Assist is intended to help summarize your notes within Samsung Notes. It brings automatic formatting with several templates to choose from.

Generative edit brings the ability to highlight objects which can then be resized and moved around the image or completely deleted with the AI applying a content-aware fill. Edit suggestion feature which can automatically improve images by altering their color profile and remove reflections.

We managed to get some hands-on time with the new Galaxy S24 series and test out some of the Galaxy AI features. You can check out our first impressions here.



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Google snoops on every phone, especially any android phone.

Um what's the pros V's cons of each? Not EVERYBODY wants Google snooping and affecting everything in their smartphone. Honestly I think Google is a pure Monopoly.

Lmao. LCD is a completely different tech ology than LED, so your claim about marketing is pure Bs and all in your head. Translate has been around yes. Yet this isn't static Google translate and similar apps. This is directly in...

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