Samsung R360 Messenger Touch

Samsung R360 Messenger Touch

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  • S

This phone has been in my family for the last 7 years and it surprisingly still continues to work. The only problem with the phone for us was that the stopper that stops the keyboard from rolling to the other side, has broken. But that can be fixed with superglue or tape. Although some features are now unusable because of the discontinuation, the phone runs smooth and is reliable.

  • bill

I've had my phone for 3 yrs., works great on text, sending photos and downloading music. The Video is fine but only will record 15 sec. The battery life is about 12 to 16 mo., then you have to buy a new batt., the talk time is about 4 hrs. + -. Taking photos is fine but the quality is good , not great. Can size photo, an has diff., colors for photo like sepia, B&W, Sunset, old fation an so on. The music sound is good. for a non smart phone it does everything a smart phone can do, just about. Have clear cookies every so often or the phone will freeze while useing the web. Only 3G . Best to get a memory card, a 8g is fine. You get used to the small screen & size. Over all I rate this phone a 8 out of 10 for what it says it can do an does. Good phone for under $75.

  • C-INSO

This phone sucks!!! Do not get this phone! The screen won't come on, and you can't even open some of the apps. I heard this phone was discontinued, because of the same reasons and I didn't listen, but now I realize why they discontinued it! The worst part about it is people keep calling me and I can't even see the screen!!! Screw this phone I'm going to HTC.

  • Anonymous

the screen is not working

  • Anonymous

how do you block someone???

  • Anonymous

sAmSuNg, 04 Jul 2011how do i check in to places on facebook with thi sphoneyou dont

  • LilBit

KIerra, 17 Jan 2011Like seriously can you text on the front screen or no!>!!!!!!... moreI was in Ntelos and i found out that when you press the messinging app or whatever you cant text on an touchscrren keyboard you use the slide out keyboard.


  • messagr touch

how do you clear he auto fill history on the
Cricket Messager Touch

  • sAmSuNg

how do i check in to places on facebook with thi sphone

  • hair

how much to buy this phone????????????

  • Anonymous

how much is this phone?

  • phone lover

i luv this pohone come with great pics thats you can edit and decorate on your phone and internet i luvvvvvv this phone

  • Anonymous

KIerra, 17 Jan 2011Like seriously can you text on the front screen or no!>!!!!!!... moreno only by keyboard screen you to direct where you wanna go or where to type

  • lover

i honestly think that this fun is awsome the touch screen is great and the keyborde is great it has awsome games on it and can reallly be a fast textin phone it has biggersized butons on the keyboarde so that u dont mash a word u dont wanna mash. i think you sjould think twice about getting this phone but hte second time you think youl get it i love it and i hope you wwill love it to thats if you get it

  • katy

the mobie phone is unbelievable u will love it it even comes with 20 games and 20 wallpapers and 100s of ringtones i would love 2 c u a aprety phon like th samsung messander touch have fun

  • KIerra

Like seriously can you text on the front screen or no!>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you know how tell me plzZ!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Why does it continue to say SMS ORG.D i dont know what it means beside that it is not sending messages what do i do

  • Anonymous

wateveer its sexy like me

  • Anonymous

this phone is TERRIBLE~!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

this phone is TERRIBLE~!!!!!!!!