Samsung R900 Craft

Samsung R900 Craft

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  • jen

userfriendly3, 19 Feb 2011does anyone know how to block calls from specific contacts... moreDownload Mr number and that would block calls and texts from people

  • ELIE

network everywhere is not possible?

  • Anonymous

horrible battery life




don't like it

  • aya shams

i am having good time with such a wonderful mobile

  • the phone finder

wats the price !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????

  • userfriendly3

does anyone know how to block calls from specific contacts on my phon

  • metro guy

whats the deal breaker about this phone?

  • Anonymous

I just purchased this phone and I'm going to return it. I had the Code and it is the best phone that Metro has.

  • Midhun

This is a piece of shit....average features with high price

  • Anonymous

can i download skype on it?

  • Anonymous

i think it looks pretty cccccooooollllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chamchung

caft or crap?

  • Razi

it looks nice lets see how is it gonna work.

  • Anonymous

Average spec for users wanting mobile with a keyboard. For experts users ...its rubbish.