Samsung releases animated film for its 2022 ‘Over the Horizon’ ringtone

Enrique, 21 February 2022

Every year, Samsung changes the sound of its “Over the Horizon” ringtone by keeping the core melody but asks different musicians to create a new version of it to keep the ringtone fresh while also reflecting the current mood of the state of the world.

2022’s rendition of “Over the Horizon” comes from LA-based producer Kiefer Shackleford and features the musician’s cross-genre, hip-hop-influence, and jazztronica sound. The Galaxy S22 series is preloaded with this new ringtone as interpereted by Shackleford.

The 2022 rendition includes a new animated video to go along with the music for the first time. The animation was created by Grammy-nominated artist and producer Phil Beaudreau. The theme this year is “New World”, reflective a post-pandemic life. The animation features folks living as if in pre-pandemic life in a warm and care-free light.

A great roster of musicians has been a part of the Samsung Galaxy signature ringtone, which gave me the impression that Samsung is looking for some solid music, not just any other ringtone. You have a five to ten-second opportunity to bring a spark to everyone’s day, and I hope this hopeful, optimistic and wistful melody does the trick.” – Kiefer Shackleford

If you want to look into the creative process and making of the music and animation, check out this behind-the-scenes video.



Reader comments

Love how people are getting so pissed over a ringtone. Not to mention many ringtones are actually well composed and people are being overly dismissive of them because they just hate the company that's behind them.

  • merrygoround
  • 24 Feb 2022
  • ibe

are you kidding me ? who likes nor uses the default tones ? btw the original s***ed to the max, this rendition is exact the same but made with modern equipments

From having a solid, memorable ringtone, to this nonsense, Samsung must have had been high enough to let it be. This is completely opposite the great S22-series.

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