Samsung releases “Stranger Nights” promo touting Galaxy S22 Ultra’s Nightography camera

Enrique, 23 June 2022

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is Samsung’s currently reigning flagship and the company is touting the phone’s ‘Nightography’ capabilities in the latest cross-promotion with the Netflix show Stranger Things. The highly acclaimed Netflix series is on its fourth season, which is now streaming on the platform.

In the promo titled “Stranger Nights”, a group of three kids on their bikes are on their way to a viewing party to watch the latest season of Stranger Things and one of the kids leaves a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in their back pocket, which records their bike ride. Monsters from the show including the Demogorgon from the ‘upside down’ appear in the shots.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

In our review of the S22 Ultra, we praised its low-light photography for capturing impressive amounts of detail, though there were some low traces of noise. Low-light video does capture a decent image, but dynamic range wasn’t too impressive.

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Reader comments

i think the earpiece acts as a 2nd speaker like iphones. or idk maybe it only outputs mono

  • Anonymous
  • 08 Jul 2022
  • xCC

It is stereo lol

You know what they say about people with small pockets, right?

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