Samsung reportedly aims to launch foldable phone in early 2019 with a 7" screen

Peter, 18 July 2018

Samsung is keen to be the first to launch a proper foldable phone (i.e. with a single, uninterrupted screen), claim insiders. This should happen early next year and the company believes this will reinvigorate the demand for high-priced phones.

It won’t happen right away, though. When the Samsung prototype (codenamed “Winner”) goes to retail, it will reportedly target gamers first (an audience that is less price sensitive than most). It will cost at least $1,500, likely more than that.

The display measures 7” when open, but folds like a wallet for portability, say people who have seen the prototype. The display goes on the inside of the fold, so there is a secondary display that covers the front when folded to show notifications and the main camera is on the “back”.

Samsung reportedly aims to launch foldable phone in early 2019 with a 7" screen

Samsung reportedly aims for a wider adoption of its foldable phones in the second half of 2019 (when presumably prices will be saner). They will stand as the third flagship line, next to the Galaxy S and Note.

Company execs see this as one of the biggest revolutions in smartphone designs in many years and have made the project a priority for Samsung.

Rumors often mention another Samsung project – a smart speaker. That one is codenamed Lux and insiders say will likely launch alongside the Galaxy Note9. It will be marketed as a high-end music player with a $300 price tag.

It will be voice-controlled and will reportedly have the ability to direct sound, beaming it to a specific person in the room. It will be powered by Bixby, naturally.



Reader comments

Lol dude the product hasn't even came out yet, so you don't know sh*t about it.

  • Anonymous
  • 21 Jul 2018
  • yAJ

18:9 to 21:9 is best for the foldable.

  • romo
  • 20 Jul 2018
  • rRU

samsung will be the first to make a 360 all screen device, lets see how it goes

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