Samsung Galaxy S10 breaks company's pre-order record in the UK

Michail, 08 March 2019

Despite the sluggish start in its home market, the Galaxy S10 family seems to be doing pretty well. According to Samsung UK, the Galaxy S10 family is selling better than any of the previous Samsung flagships during the pre-order period.

The most expensive unit from the trio, the Galaxy S10+ accounts for 57% of total pre-orders in the British market. Users preferred the Prism Black variant with 47% of all Galaxy S10 devices donning the stealthy color.

Samsung’s Corporate VP, Conor Pierce noted that the new S family offers a greater range of devices to a larger consumer base. If you’re interested in more details about the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ watch our full video review.



Reader comments

Man thats not true. S10+ is almost on every billboard here in slovakia. Almost on every bus stop wall. And the promo is in every medium to large shopping cetre.

It even happened in the UK where Huawei is there. So good try.

  • Anonymous

Do you think when you speak? Nobody forces nobody. The only marked that forces people would actually be Apple. Because of their battery and decrease of speed throughout time. Samsung actually doesn't throttle anything. Samsung: Hey i know you ...

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