Samsung S200

Samsung S200

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  • Anonymous

Nor aizza Jaafar, 11 May 2004Need information about price in Malaysia Penisular.$3.50

  • Doreen or Dolly

Hi everyone

Remember this you cannot compare Samsung with anything they are best of the best i like all they products they is no question about it what ever they do is number one and i can see they about to make a Samsung car and i don't want to say the name of the car, forward we go with Samsung.


  • Doreen or Dolly

Hi my name Doeen i have been using this phone since 2003 until now but i drop ted down by mistake and is no where i can get the repair please help this is the best phone and i wish they can do this phone again. I like Samsung phones but all new one i cant afford them remember this what ever Samsung does is the best.



  • Anonymous

HI i m using this phone from 3 years. its really amazing and cool to carry this sweet phone. i m having a red color in it. which is really attracting. i like this phone as having 2 batteries with it..... i had a problem once with display but it is now ok with reparing

  • Anonymous

I owned this phone for 2 and a half years, all excellent but the main LCD screen ofen be blank, I seldom use the phone, need 130 NZ dollars to fix it.

  • userlook

Hi everyone. I've had this phone approx 2.5 years. Dropped it a couple of times and had it serviced once. Apart from the lack of features such as camera and built-in handsfree, I really like this phone because of the size and looks. The keypads after the service was working great. Kudos to Dr Phone. Ta. J.

  • Applely

I've own this hp for 2.5 years. I wont regret for empty all my saving for it at that time. although i'm a careless person that did not take good care of it, it's still alive now .. i've dropped it quite many times already. only the keypad is not very good already .. what i like is the nice appearance, elegant size of only 75g. regret that it have no camera .. if it has a camera, i wont thinking of getting a new phone...

  • Jason

Do Not buy this phone!!,

I have owned this phone for almost 2 years now, and although it has many good features, it is also lacking some, or has poor design issues.

* The external screen will eventually get covered in dust, rendering the "mirror" useless, and the screen also gets hard to read from the dust. (when i bang my phone it dislodges chunks of dust the size of a match head that are trapped within the flip)
* The screen ofen is blank or pixelated, and this happened after 3 months of use and is a constant problem.
* The sms features are good, but the warning that you got to 2,3,4 messages while typing is annoying, and should be able to be turned off.
* After a while the button switches become weak, which presses the key multiple times when u have just pressed it once.
* The low battery warning can last 4 hours..

Its a shame, as its also got many good features such as size, screen size, battery life and the fact thats its tri band...


  • Harris

um yeah, you can get first hand phones as an answer to the guy below. Ummm, if you live in new york, try to go to the city where asian people are, they tend to have them more imported from asia. Umm...if your out of state then try to go to like china town or an import phone store. That way you can get better prices and better deal. My question is n e 1 know how to get the internet going with cingular on this phone?

  • Melvin

Any idea where to get the one of the 1st hand phones??

  • Harris

this is a reply to shanavaz about 4 listings below....ummm yes it is very sexy, um performance is very strong. You can't resisit it. You will always be gay(Happy) about it. And its really great to play with. Great functions. It works great in cold and warm weather. Your welcome......

  • Harris

man....old times.....ARGH thats my PHONE???

  • blessing eric

its a lovely phone cant give it up for the world.wish i could get new keypad and batteries.

  • dj

This phone is pretty good, even though it is missing a camera. I still think its a good phone. Very reliable phone. I need a new red housing for it. and a keypad. IF you guys got one email me thanks

  • Felix

Does anybody know how I can fix the front display screen of my S200. I love this phone so dearly bu the front screen just stopped showing. Is it fixable. please help me.

  • shanavaz

this moblie looks sexy .But perfomance?

  • Anonymous

what is the price of the s200 in india?? i wanna buy one plz... i need the price

  • Syreeta

I think that samsung s200 is a wonderful phone. the design and color and features and perfec. i live in jamaica and would love to own one of your phones that are not available in jamaica. can email and tell me how i can get one here.

  • why do u care!

Its a gud fone! only prob is it aint got a camera! anyone know wen it comes out in england?

  • Hebe

THis fone is da best~~~~~the only downside is that there is no camera.....