Samsung S3030 Tobi

Samsung S3030 Tobi

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  • Kiki

Why don't this phone have free wifi usage. They should have it. It will be more useful.

  • Anonymous

Ella , 05 Mar 2009I just saw this celphone in samsung's website and it really look... moreYes, it really is. Very easy to use and SO cute, with all the features you need. The battery life isn't that great, but it doesn't care; it's a great phone!!

  • cheii

hmmm. can i ask something? wer can i buy this one. it's pretty cute. love it! any store in Philippines that selling this.

  • Manuel Gonsalez

This is a pretty great phone. I have had it for about 3 or 4 months now i got the 2 GB expansion and listen to all my music and audio books. Even the audio Books i get from go n just fine. My phone came with a headset and mic but those are the only ones that work with it, and if i lose them i dont know how much it will cost for new ones. Which kind of sucks. But besides that its great

  • Svilen

How do you install games on this phone?
Found some games for it, but it didn't recognise them. Need some help :)

  • Ella

I just saw this celphone in samsung's website and it really looks cute, i want to know, is it worth your money? are the features good enough (if not the best)? I want to buy a new phone, so i want to know... some opinions here says it's good, some says it sucks, honestly? Ella, Philippines

  • em

Dylan UK, 07 Jan 2009Hey everyone! Just dropping a note to say I now have this pho... morehey someone just comment this...
he bought the phone in UK. for 99 pounds and he says that it has a low performance...
- User intertace is lagging
- Crappy pictures taken
- Poor USB throughput to get pictures from phone
- Poor battery life
- Video taken with big squares

i just want to know if this is true?
so if it is i won't purchase the phone even if i like the phone and its features.

pls reply asap.


  • chunky monkey

ive played with the tobi it is a good little phone

  • Anonymous

Dylan UK, 07 Jan 2009Hey everyone! Just dropping a note to say I now have this pho... moredo they sell the other colours at the carphone warehouse now?

  • Anonymous

yes it has a 1.3mp cam and video recording capability

  • Dylan UK

Hey everyone!

Just dropping a note to say I now have this phone. I thought I would tell you about it.

I love it!

Before you ask me, yes I'm a grown-up lol.

Now, I'm going to tell you about my particular phone as I'm not sure if some other countries versions of this particular model of phone will have the same accessories etc.

The one that I got was in Loyal Blue colour, which is glossy black and metalic blue. It has a surfer guy on the back of the phone. It looks holographic or lenticular as it moves in the light. It's cool I like it! :D

As The Carphone Warehouse are the only phone retailer to stock the Samsung Tobi S3030 here in the UK, they only stock Loyal Blue and Sweet Pink. I'm not sure if they will be stocking the other colours. But from what I can tell from the Tobi portal at Samsung UK website, it seems they'll only have Loyal Blue and Sweet Pink, which is a shame because I really wanted the phone in Energetic Orange as I am a fan of Tigger hehe.

The box it comes in is compact and colourful. It includes:

Battery cover with transparent plastic window,
2 pre-cut paper inserts for the back of the phone,
3-pin UK wall charger,
USB cable
Manual, warranty card etc

The phone changer, USB cable, and earphones have samsung propriatery shaped connectors, but I'm sure you can get a 3.5 earphone jack convertor for your earphones somewhere.

It has similar spec to a samsung U900 Soul. I love the user interface, with the animated icons. It comes with 3 preset themes. The Ocean World theme is my favourite. I love the animated fishes. So cute :D

I also love that you can change the covers and swap pictures with your friends and put them in the back of the phone. You can even put photos in there too. In the box it comes with pre cut pictures for you to try out on your phone. It reminds me of an old Nokia phone I used to have. You could put pictures in the back of that phone too. I can't remember the name of that phone. I'm sure someone will know :)

It's very easy to use. The menus are easy to navigate through.

The phone itself is a nice size, it feels good in the hand. It slides open and close smoothly with no problems.

The sounds are very loud which is a good thing, because some phones I used in the past were very quiet. It has a speaker on the back of the phone to listen to music and sounds. Its very loud when having a hands-free conversation too.

When talking on the phone, it's very clear and the person on the other end of the phone said they could hear me clearly as well.

Its tri-band. GPRS 900/1800/1900. don't ask me what all that means, I have no idea lol.

It has 15 MB of on-board phone memory. It has an Micro SD card slot which can accept Micro SD cards up to 8G, which is a good thing if you love music and videos on your phone :D

Bluetooth 2.0,which you can use as a cheaper alternative to sending txts to each other. I don't know how anyone would find that useful as you'll have to be near someone to bluetooth messages to each other, you might as well just sit next to each other and talk like normal human beings lol.

MP3 player, well you know what that does. You can play music in the background whilst using the phone:) It also comes with am FM radio with RDS. You need to have the earphones connected to the phone to listen to radio either through the earphones or through the loud speaker.

It has a 1.3 megapixel camera which can take pictures and record videos.

It also has 3 different 'safety' functions. For example sending a pre-set text message to multiple contacts, calling multiple contacts, and 'fake call' which basically is pressing a button and it simulates an incoming call. You can record a message to make it more authentic, like have your boyfriend, girlfriend etc say "hi sweety how are you?" in the hopes of a would-be attacker goes away. Somehow I don't think that would deter anyone though lol.

The phone comes pre-loaded with 2 games but they are demos. Tetris and Brain training. I love Tetris! :-p

All in all a very well thought-out phone.

Get one for yourself or your children, or both! Lol.

I just wish Samsung could get a license to make a Hello Kitty phone hehe.

Warmest regards


Ps. anything I left out, please don't hesitate to tell me. :)

Please don't flame me either hehe.

  • Anonymous

aj_brian, 28 Nov 2008Samsung has always been my brand but why on earth would samsung ... moreit is a camera phone (:

  • saecreamy`

I think this phone is really cute ^^
but maybe its because I am only 12 years old^^hehe (:

  • Dylan UK

Hey everyone! I'm very excited!

I'm collecting one of these phones up in the UK at the Carphone Warehouse tomorrow! (Tuesday 6th January 2009)

I wanted the orange and white one, but they're only selling 2 colours,Loyal Blue for the boys and Romantic Pink for the girls.

I definetly don't want the pink one! :-p

I'll let you know how I get on :D

  • Tc17

Ha ha ha this is better then the e250 n j700
at least got a better res screen then e250 n j700 i think it wil sel wel teen gals wil buy it ha ha going to be cheap 40 better then a d500

  • omnia_fan

really, the only thing that makes sense to me about the samsung tobi is that its for under 12 kids. cos i dont see how samsung would make fantastic phones like the omnia and the i8510 and then do tobi for those same users. but my 3yr old neice wouldnt use it cos i wonder what an mp3 player is donig in a phne with less than 50mb

  • andrew

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2008How can you have bought this phone? Here in the UK it's exclu... moreyou think so? i think the color combinations and overall design is quite good. i think this one will attract a lot of youngsters.

  • Worthis

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2008How can you have bought this phone? Here in the UK it's exclu... moreThey are SOOOOOO lying!!!

  • G

Looks like a cute phone for kids, which isn't a bad thing as there aren't many like this. But it can't be too expensive- under 50 is reasonable.

  • luke

guys samsung are not stupid they no waht there doing right before u trash there diseighns have u ever thought abotu the fact that it aimed at a younger audince for kids maybey teens i have had one and tbh it gave my no problems samsung are a good make always have always will be u just gotta open up your eyes and relsise that that there is an excellent pice of engineering and care samsung would not make a phone if it was not amied at a traget audince so think before u gob off. they are a good phone if u no how to use it properly
fantastic phone ive had a d500 for 4 years and still works to this day so obvs samsung are a fantastic make