Samsung S342i

Samsung S342i

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  • Rustupid
  • 84Z
  • 04 Mar 2020

Joley, 04 Oct 2017How can i Start itkeep pressing the hangup button

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    • Joley
    • 0%y
    • 04 Oct 2017

    How can i Start it

      • D
      • Diane
      • vkQ
      • 01 Jul 2009

      Ben, 31 Jan 2008I had a problem with my phone where it went into an infinit... moreHi Ben, My phone S342i did exactly the same as yours, I know not why!! one minute it was fine next -madness!!
      Thankyou for the answer t'is great now. Do you have any idea why this happened?

        • A
        • Alyssa
        • wgk
        • 02 Sep 2008

        How do i put predict a text on?

          • J
          • John
          • SeY
          • 07 Aug 2008

          I got a blank display. How do I replace a display.

            • s
            • sarah
            • vux
            • 08 Jul 2008

            i need help to send photos from this stpid phone!!
            i haven't got a data cable and can't find one any where to buy!!
            pls help

              • d
              • deb
              • BJ8
              • 30 Apr 2008

              Thanks so much Ben, was just about to buy a new one and tried your fix SUCCESS. Good to know.

                • P
                • Patrick
                • TIA
                • 24 Feb 2008

                I got my crap phone out to try Ben's fix and it had a totaly flat battery. I put in my new Virgin SIM card to charge it up and surprisingly the things appears to have fixed itself. Connected to the network and fired up, made a few calls and appears to be fine. Gave the phone away ten minutes later, someone else can deal with it now.

                  • P
                  • Patrick
                  • TIA
                  • 04 Feb 2008

                  Thanks ben, why couldn't FN Shamsung tell us that? Will give it a go just to see if it works but I have had it with this phone.

                    • B
                    • Ben
                    • P5j
                    • 31 Jan 2008

                    I had a problem with my phone where it went into an infinite loop. Searching for the network then going through the shut down and restart screen. I went to fone zone who provided it who gave me this solution. Remove the sim card and switch the phone on, then enter the following reset code "*2767*2878#" This resets you phone solving the problem, be warned though this deletes all your user settings and all the games on the phone, probably all the non standard ring tones too. You do keep all your photos and messages though.

                      • P
                      • Patrick
                      • TIA
                      • 25 Jan 2008

                      I have just been told that Telstra has turned off my I-mode. Thanks for that Testra, but as I have been unable to use the serice because this crap Shamsung phone chucked a dump and died on me over 6 monthsago this was a waste of there time and mine.

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                        • blah!!
                        • wgq
                        • 06 Jan 2008

                        Thank goodness I only have a month to go before I can ditch it! Ringtones are rubbish, imode shut now so can't get more, text dictionary very small and won't add words, some button presses go unrecognised when texting, default to capitals when texting is a pain, when character limit is reached for text message it tells you you are starting the second message ?? and then goes back to the start of the message if you are half way through a word when it tells you, types the rest of the word at the beginning, can't extend the ring time before going to message bank, photo quality poor (can't download them). Absolute rubbish. Changed from Nokia to get this, never again!

                          • P
                          • Patrick
                          • PEJ
                          • 19 Nov 2007

                          George, the phone is rubbish, if you look back on the post you will see that this is the same thing that happened to me. If you ring Shamsung they will tell you it needs a software upgrade, $50 thanks. My advice, toss it in the bin and never have anything to do with Shamsung again.

                            • G
                            • George
                            • wgY
                            • 05 Nov 2007

                            Hi Folks, My wife inherited one of these S342i's a few months ago from her best friend to replace her "housebrick" Ericsson A1018s, (still works), and guess what, it's suddenly developed a weird fault..After switching on,it cannot find a connection signal! It just keeps toggling between the SAMSUNG SGH-S342i opening screen and "Please wait.....searching"..On and on until the battery runs out. Telstra in Adelaide say "we can't help but we can upgrade you if you like!" Great. Time to chuck it away? Any clues, anayone?

                              • D
                              • Danni
                              • v$y
                              • 05 Nov 2007

                              it mite not be the phone at all, contact ur provider, eg: if u were wit telstra u may have to ring them an they may have to activate wap & mms codes on your account then send u settings so u can save them to ur phone!

                                • S
                                • Sean
                                • PQK
                                • 13 Aug 2007

                                does anyone know if this phone will work in the USA? I am with telstra in australia. How about italy?

                                  • P
                                  • Patrick
                                  • PEJ
                                  • 17 May 2007

                                  If you have had the phone for over twelve months the problem will solve itself when you can't get into your phone anymore. Then all your pics will be gone, as I found out. My solution would be to get a good phone.

                                    • g
                                    • galz23
                                    • wYx
                                    • 15 May 2007

                                    i like the phone,everything,but the problem is i can't send a pictures through email or in mms...please im begging here to help me,myphoto box are always full and i just erased it the other pics because i can't send it to my email...please...theres anyone want to solve my probs????????please........

                                      • P
                                      • Patrick
                                      • PEJ
                                      • 09 May 2007

                                      I can't believe it, Shamsung have made my negative posting into an advert for their crap company. You can't win.

                                        • A
                                        • Anita
                                        • 2xu
                                        • 03 May 2007

                                        Thanks Patrick, but I wouldn't bother :-( Found a new battery ($70 !!!), only to find out that ISN'T the problem as the phone still would not turn on. Lucky they took the new battery back. Quote on fixing it...well...cost $40 just for them (telstra shop) to have a look at it, refundable if I go ahead with repairs, they keep the money if I don't. However, my point is what if the repairs r going to cost more than the phone is worth? Hence, I've given up. It will stay dead & I'll use an old one til my contract runs out. So yeah, one year & two weeks old & a phone that has never been ill treated just dies. CRAP...steer clear folks.