Samsung S500

Samsung S500

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  • J
  • Jay
  • xE6
  • 19 Apr 2011

Bought in July 2000 brand new in China. Took with me to Australia in 2005 and still working today. Incredible phone! Dropped in water once but survived. Dropped on ground many many many times but survived. Bettery time was awesome. Light-weighted. Nimbo size. Good key response. Good readability under sun. Very reliable.

One of the most loved 3 phones of mine. The other twos are Samsung SGH-A300 and Siemens C35i

    • b
    • benz
    • wi4
    • 17 Apr 2011

    Yes super phone, my mother 85 age, still using this phone every day. the battery still working as normal.

      • A
      • Antonia
      • 0mT
      • 26 Aug 2010

      Super phone, I have it since 2003 - second hand - if is still working, the bateria is number one - sometimes i charge it once a week.

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • T3Y
        • 05 Aug 2009

        GSM arena are saying that this phone was announced in 2003 - this is incorrect. I have had this phone since 2000 - 9 years old and still going strong! I love that they gave 2 batteries in the box.

          • V
          • Very_God
          • nmX
          • 18 Nov 2007

          This is a very nice phone! I had it 4 years ago and I was very happy with it - then a taxi driver stole it from me!

          I loved this phone!

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • nUx
            • 26 Jun 2007

            By the way, call records are 20 of each...

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • nUx
              • 26 Jun 2007

              If there is someone looking for a cheap phone with a nice design and performance - S500 is the one. No troubles for 3 years of usage, a great one!

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • SkE
                • 20 Jun 2007

                I got this phone about 5 years ago and it only stopped working in the past few weeks. I have had no problems with it at all, although compared to phones these days its really simple (no camera/MP3/video). This phone really lasts forever. I've lost it and found it again at least 5 times and its even been in the wash once and still works. Another great thing is that it has two batteries so you can take it out while the other battery charges. Pretty cheap, and definitely worth buying!

                  • J
                  • J708
                  • SkE
                  • 09 Dec 2006

                  I just bought my S500 today brand new for 82USD. I have a couple of questions, what can i do if i don't want no background picture at all? Just plain white? and wats the fastest way to access the names in the phonebook? thanks

                    • d
                    • daniel yun
                    • 2Gg
                    • 18 Jan 2006

                    this mob. phone by the looks of it is a great phone!!! it's small and compact and looks lik a very presentable phone! be happy if i had it but i dont.....i hav a nokia 6101 which personally sucks!!! i lik samsung!!my dad try to tell me dat samsung was a much better brand than nokia but i didn't listen, but now i no dat it is tru..go SAMSUNG!!! cyas all laters..bye!!

                      • D
                      • Dimitra
                      • jLw
                      • 06 Oct 2005

                      im try to get the honey ball game from samsung s500 but i dont have a samsung s500, my phone is a samsung, help how can i get this game

                        • c
                        • chris
                        • myX
                        • 28 Sep 2005

                        i am trying to download block breaker delux but am having problems can you help me thanks

                          • c
                          • chris
                          • myX
                          • 28 Sep 2005

                          i have just tried everything to download a game but when i do pick a game i get the one i did not request what am i doing wrong thanks

                            • n
                            • natasha
                            • yVj
                            • 13 Apr 2005

                            to mercedes:
                            Hi there! i'm also from australia and i got my phone (used) at ebay internet auction store. I bought for $150 and i think they sell new ones around $200- $300 if you are in a good timing. The thing is that you have to wait until someone starts to sell their S500 (or the ebay store). But yeah, buying on ebay is much much cheaper than paying at any other stores, cause mostly they don't discount their phones. Chears!

                              • m
                              • mercedes
                              • AeK
                              • 06 Apr 2005

                              what the hell! its an old model(2003)and its still expensive in austalia! AU$430+ does anybody know where i can buy this phone in a cheaper price? pleaaaseeee....

                                • g
                                • geni
                                • Mfw
                                • 21 Feb 2005

                                i have a samsung sgh-s500 but my infrared port doesn't work.if somebody can help how to activate it...

                                  • A
                                  • Anshu
                                  • Px@
                                  • 19 Feb 2005

                                  Great phone!!!!!!
                                  Transferring ringtones and wallpapers is too easy and enjoyable.
                                  I have a large collection of ringtones anyone needing can contact me.
                                  Only disadvantage with this phone is small memory andjava games are not downloadable.
                                  but i love my phone and feel very smart with it.

                                    • c
                                    • chris
                                    • RIE
                                    • 11 Feb 2005

                                    Great phone.....!!!

                                      • S
                                      • Sanja Adamovic
                                      • SwH
                                      • 09 Feb 2005

                                      hello. i have an sgh-s300m samsung phone and my friend has an sgh-s500 samsung phone. he has great wallpapers (polar bear, eagle...) that i would love to have transferred to my phone. how can i go about doing this? thanks for your help in advance.

                                        • b
                                        • bolaji
                                        • SsB
                                        • 28 Jan 2005

                                        I have no regrets since i ahve stared using s500 i wish to how to down load ringtonesand images to it.