Samsung S5233T

Samsung S5233T

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  • jon

can i connect this phone to a dvd player to play a music?

  • Lisa

I have one its awesome!!!

  • Ayeh

pls when is the windows7 64bit software is going to come cos i wanted to connect my phone to the pc. frm ghana

  • Mitesh

Please tell me how i install game & theams in it?
please mail me at

  • mo

The processor speed is slowly,you are bothering if you worked this phone rapidity.

  • gator

jo, 12 Dec 2010oh really ??standby for 5 days??? how is that?? are you able to... morethey are talking of "stand by mode"

  • Hubert

Good Phone! Got this for 3mons. now and its work fine with me specially watching my favorite local TV program during break time in office(Haha). The music player and radio works fine. The battery life is good and it takes 2days before become low, but when you watch TV you have to bring your charger cause it eats a lot of battery life.

  • V

No wifi?

  • jo

lingum, 01 Dec 2010bought this phone for naerly one year ago.this is the best phone... moreoh really ??standby for 5 days??? how is that??
are you able to use it txting, listening to music for 5 days???amazing...
i love this phone.

  • Anonymous

is it expandable to 16 GB or 8 GB micrSD only?

  • midia_iran

hi everyone i have owned this phone since 6 month ago and i think it has not many features but its good 4 any one that wants to watch TV in everywhere

  • Reetish

Nice phone. music play good. i hav it since 3 months.

  • Anonymous

does this handset support theme

  • lingum

bought this phone for naerly one year ago.this is the best phone ive player ok standby 5 days.

  • samsung user719

i have problem with the touch screen that locks. Lock button cannot help to resolve. Other buttons are functioning except touch screen. anybody can help me?

  • Jamie

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2010can you how to install java apps!You first install samsung new pc studio, (u get with phone) connect your phone to the pc and select open with pc studio on your phone. Click on the little phone icon, and you go on from there. You can drag stuff from the "my computer" icon or straight from your pc. I usually drag it to "other files" . When the transfer is done, disconnect the phone from pc, go to the others file (Menu - my files - Other files) select your app, then follow through to install. When you're finished installing, go to Games and more under applications and you should see your app there to be opened. Enjoy! Oh, and you could delete the app under other files since as it's already installed, to save space.

  • Anonymous

well my comment on this cellphone is ok but the touch screen is too slow not like the sonny or iphone. but for me it is enough to buy a hightech phones it is important i can communicate through text or calls for some important matters or business.

  • Anonymous

This is well and truly the worst phone I've ever owned. It has a lot of nice little features scattered about but nothing of truly any use to a serious user. I was pleasantly surprised by the music identification feature and other little things like the smile sensing camera.

The screen is another misery altogether - I had to push with great force sometimes to select a small icon while browsing - the phone has limited multitasking capabilities and cannot be customised to great extents.

The predictive text is among the worst I have ever seen: just because I need to type a specific word into the dictionary because I need to use it occasionally doesn't mean that it should propose that as the primary option every single time. Another thing: the dictionary seemed to decay with time - I swear that every time I wanted to type "are" it would suggest "Ase". Ridiculous - if you value your sanity don't buy this rubbish phone.

As soon as I get my Blackberry I am going to drive over this phone with my car - it is already broken - the touch screen stopped functioning entirely over a week ago. I can't make calls, read messages, or back up my contacts.


  • Anonymous

Vincent, 19 Nov 2010Hi guys, I have been using Samsung Gt-S5233S Star, for about 8 m... morecan you how to install java apps!

  • Anonymous

I like me the tv star but no contain wifi, yet the 5233w yeah