Samsung S7710 Galaxy Xcover 2

Samsung S7710 Galaxy Xcover 2

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  • X{B
  • 28 Aug 2021

Experiment &#129, 10 Jun 2020It could be the battery 🔋 it could be worn out and needs to... moreeasaier to find 1500mAH ones than this

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    • Morgs
    • rw0
    • 03 Mar 2021

    I bought this phone in 2013. The biggest weakness is the 1Gb ram. The space was just too little for any number of apps. This was my worst Samsung ever. I didn't get value for money.

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      • Experiment &#129
      • rRU
      • 10 Jun 2020

      rue, 11 Dec 2018My phone always restarts it self until l flashed it.this pr... moreIt could be the battery 🔋 it could be worn out and needs to be replaced...

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        • jose
        • NsP
        • 06 Jan 2019

        Tim, 14 Jul 2018I re flashed mine using this: moreI only have 1.8gb on this phone

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          • rue
          • fuM
          • 11 Dec 2018

          My phone always restarts it self until l flashed it.this problem always comes back l dnt knw what cld be the cause

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            • Nyamz8
            • fu%
            • 17 Nov 2018

            My fon is just restarting its self when ever i put it on,it keeps on restarting

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              • Aaron Vash
              • XBr
              • 10 Oct 2018

              Scorpion, 24 Nov 2014I already posted how I did it: 1) you have to root it. 2)... moreHlo Am using X cover2 but am having problems with its internal memory seeking for help pliz if you ever once used this phone........plizzzzzzzz

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                • Tim
                • X$k
                • 14 Jul 2018

                AnonD-750222, 06 Apr 2018Sam, would you mind elaborating on this? Which rooting met... moreI re flashed mine using this:


                Downloaded this:

                Now I have extra 1.2 GB to use

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                  • AnonD-750222
                  • Lm3
                  • 06 Apr 2018

                  Sam, 04 Jul 2017The negative comments are obviously by people that lack exp... moreSam, would you mind elaborating on this?
                  Which rooting method did you use? And which ROM?
                  Any specific tweaks you recommend? Is it possible to expand RAM?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 8DT
                    • 23 Feb 2018

                    PROS: - indestructible, I'm a blacksmith and this has been my phone for about two years and it has been through everything you can imagine and more, including fire, water, grease, being stomped by cars more than once, welding sparks, falling from big hights, everything. There's no breaking this phone.
                    - All the hardware buttons are comfortable and as durable as the rest of the phone.
                    - Pretty reliable and easy to use even with greasy or wet fingers.
                    - The main camera is really good for a 5mp one, although kind of slow.
                    - The battery is good for normal use and can be replaced, although I'm still using the original one.

                    CONS: - the internal memory is a real problem, installing the basic apps is imposible if not rooted. Rooting is easy and linking or moving apps to your SD "fixes" most issues although I've had a few problems with missing linked apps.
                    - The cover for the USB connection at the bottom gets broken and lost kind of easily, I've changed it a couple of times in the past two years and I just gave up, it's still resists everything without it, even liquids.
                    - Slowest boot ever.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 3b1
                      • 31 Jul 2017

                      I use this phone about 2 years , and only negative side is the low memory size,after uninstalling all other apps,there are still too low memory for needed apps,and i don't mean any games or stuff. But otherwise no serious errors or something like that. Good battery ,and still working after every day in industrial dusty atmosphere.

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                        • Der
                        • pcc
                        • 09 Jul 2017

                        Sam, 04 Jul 2017The negative comments are obviously by people that lack exp... moreHi. Could you give a step by step guide for the process.

                        I am not at all savvy but would appreciate the help.

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                          • Sam
                          • 0V@
                          • 04 Jul 2017

                          The negative comments are obviously by people that lack experience and knowledge when it comes to android opertingsystem and IT. If you knew how to optimize this device properly (i got one today in 2017 for free in perfect condition) I rooted it, tweaked it a bit a and it works flawlessly even now in 2017. I recommend doing research and learn something, it's not hard at all. This device as I made it right now can even be used daily today. Yes, it's that fast, smooth and has extra ram+storage.

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                            • Bad experience
                            • rjL
                            • 11 Jun 2017

                            This was the worst phone I ever had and the reason I will never trust s Samsung agsin. useless.
                            No memory
                            Poor build quality - not water resistant after 1 month.

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                              • Peter
                              • syN
                              • 07 Jan 2017

                              I have inserted a 16 GB external SD card but i could change the setting of camera to memory
                              card. It automatically changes into "device memory". I cannot capture more photos and video due to storage problem. Please suggest me something to fix this problem so that i can change my setting of camera permanently to "memory card".

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                                • Tom
                                • 0w9
                                • 18 Dec 2016

                                This phone is absolutly undestructive (if you are trying to destruct it in normal ways :D )
                                I can throw it about 7meters high then it fall on asphalt and nothing happen to it.
                                Performence is nothing special, rather pretty slow.. but it worth this undescrutibility. love it.

                                Thomas - Czech Republic.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • mA%
                                  • 07 Nov 2016

                                  Anthea, 24 Aug 2016I've been having the exact same problem..!! It keeps on tel... moreI had the same issue plus a battery disconnected error from time to time, and solved it by cleaning the battery contacts (changing the battery may also work if that fails) It is somehow related to battery contacts not touching the ones on the phone properly. Also it seems to be a common isssue for samsung phones.

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                                    • sfo baba Abayo 1
                                    • r3H
                                    • 01 Nov 2016

                                    l have just bought it still studying it after a while l will give feedback but now enjoying it more than other phones l have used.

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                                      • Riaan
                                      • fja
                                      • 04 Oct 2016

                                      george, 12 Jul 2016such a great phone indeed realy enjoying this device , I ju... moreSorry, you can't. Unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time, take some risks and nullify your warrantee.

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                                        • Kozinc
                                        • 39m
                                        • 10 Sep 2016

                                        I got past the small size by flashing a pre-rooted rom and partitioning my SD card. But then I was 'surprised' that there's no gyroscope either! Cmon, I was gonna use that!
                                        If you get past the small storage and the reflective screen in the sunlight, and the lack of some other features in the specifications, it's a pretty good phone and it'll last a long long time for you.