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  • JC

this forum is a great source of information for ppl who've bought the Wave! Keep it up!

I bought the game "Lets Golf" and unfortunately sometimes when i try to play it. It'll come up with this error msg and force me to close it. "not enough resources close some application"

Is anyone else getting this problem? I have nothing running in the background.


  • Wave Rocks

scoopyscoopy, 03 Aug 2010Firmware XXJG5 the best firmware at the moment. Improvements ove... moreThere is already a Skyp on WAVE with 3 network in UK, I am not sure about other network, but it should be the same,

Also where do you download this FW you are talking about? I believe everything should be through samsung Kies, so I don't understand why people talking about all sort of FW while the only place to get it is samsung Kies!!!
could you please explain this to me, I am confused,

your other feedbacks was very helpful

which country you from mate?

  • papai

Please tell me about battery backup.

  • Samsung Gobal center

just reply on this post if u have any comments n questions in samsung Wave the Company is glad to help you our undying wave customers/users..

  • zzpgboy

marvelous.......gorgeous....simply perfect...
whatever others to say........i used it more than 3 month.....and for the 1st time i never think to switch to others brand/model.....just great..
E66,E72,Bberry,AINO, last...GT8500

  • scoopyscoopy

Firmware XXJG5 the best firmware at the moment. Improvements over previous FWs are as follow:

1. Fast, smooth and very stable
2. GPS : R66 finds satellites in less than a minute.
3. Email: Uni-inbox but context menu doesn't work, Exchange sync works now for contacts and calendar pretty well, push all exchange folders
4. Samsung Apps has "Update All" function
5. Over the air Bada OS update in Setting Menu
6. Camera quick view opens the right image
7. Wi-fi icon can show wi-fi signal strength
8. Alarm has auto-power up function
9. Fackbook seems to work faster
10. There are icons in some setting menu
11. Battery lasts 18 hours with exchange push, 3 email accounts (update every 1 hour) and SNS (update every 3 hours), 48 hours without push, 4 days without any emails or SNS updates.

Urgent Waiting Features: (with these, Wave can be my primary phone)
- Remote Desktop App
- Google Maps App
- Proper Youtube App
- IMs such as Nimbuzz or IM+ (social hub should be working soon for windows live, yahoo and gtalk)
- not hoping for Skype though as it becomes iSkype
- Text reflow and flash 10 support in browser
- Torch app for flashlight

Sammy is working hard. Hopefully, Wave will be a perfect smartphone in 6 months. :D

  • abhi

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2010in India which is the latest wave? month of maufacture there... moremine is june 2010

  • L

i read this about this mobile on its review , can any one tell me what does it mean please.:

"Some apps like the Samsung Store, Facebook or Twitter require a configured packet data profile and an active SIM card to use Wi-Fi connectivity. Still those services donít actually use packet data instead of Wi-Fi, they just check if itís available. Strange indeed."


  • cooza

you dudes should download ARDEFENDER in the apps store.its free.what a freakinly cool game!!!and you dont even have to print the pdf file cos you can point your phone at it on your computor and play anyway.what a buzz!!i love this game so much,i think im gonna cry!!

  • walid elsaid

just one word it,s perfect phone . i wasn,t prefer samsung befor but the wave change the story.

  • Damos

I must say the gaming experience in Wave is absolutely amazing with the Super Amoled screen and the high res.
D/l NS Shift guys, it's even better than the embedded Asphalt.

Also does any one know how to play flac files on Wave?

  • Anonymous

New Waver, 01 Aug 2010You mean can you add more than 10 people in a group ? Or if you ... morehow?

  • Yukess

Dpandey, 03 Aug 2010To samsung and all wave users: After using Samsung galaxy i75... moreThanks for the important info you provide.
I have a some situation on my wave s8500 . i have downloaded few application. but when i intend to use it it say "not enough resources close some application" as there is no other application running. and i am unable to operate it. I don't know what to do. i have inserted 8 gb card in memory slot and i have made a settings that every download, pics, message only use memory of card not phone memory. still same situation i been told the phone memory is 2gb , can you tell me what wrongs with it i am excited about this mobile.

  • Saurav

Sandy, 03 Aug 2010will search, but any idea, wts the name of the application?? ... moreMy Position might be the name...I tried it, for me it didn't lock my position.

  • Sandy

Wave Rocks, 03 Aug 2010You need to search it, but I am sure there is apps for this in t... morewill search, but any idea, wts the name of the application??

well, its annoying that we need separate App for getin the position.. but nevr seen my frnd who is using Nokia doing that,, he just start GPS and get the lat n Long..

  • Wave Rocks

Kal, 03 Aug 2010I too agree with you. For all over the last 2-3 weeks the number... morepeople should start asking this question from GSM ARENA of


there are over 41000 people voted for this, and its not in the home page, WHY?

  • Wave Rocks

Sandy, 03 Aug 2010Can any1 tell me how to use GPS.. I dont want navigation, just w... moreYou need to search it, but I am sure there is apps for this in the store , I remember I have seen it, which pin your location, and its really good,

  • Ahmed

does this phone have office suit.

  • Wave Rocks


Good news:

Ndrive navigation is now available in samsung app store, download it and enjoy!

Bada is catching up now! :-)

  • Dpandey

To samsung and all wave users:

After using Samsung galaxy i7500, Htc legend, nokia 5800 and nokiae71 and now using samsung wave for the last 2 months i want comment on few things which all users and samsung should notice...

1. Its true to say that "its time of war between Android and Bada"...No doubt android is excellent Os but Bada has many significant integrations which needs near 10 apps to do the same thing in android...example
Task manager, Tethering, contacts sync with SNS,Memory Management, Task killers and more...

2.One important thing which many of you have not noticed is battery backup while using push mail service.....In android we get tight sync google mail but it needs gprs/3g data to be switched on always which drastically reduces battery by 50% because of data used by gtalk,and other background services.....but in Bada it lasts for 2 days while using push email with sacrificing data connection for other apps......

3.One area which can make Bada a true rival for android is its Applications store....for this only samsung can help.....

4 if you compare Bada 1 and Android 1 which came in 2008, Bada year from now bada 1.x would able to beat android 3.x.....

what you think......

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