Samsung S8530 Wave II

Samsung S8530 Wave II

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  • Rich

Plz anyone can give me the download link of bolt and uc browser for my wave 2 - s8530 ? i have installed them with latest versions but when i play them their view is quite blurred.. plz help !

  • sam

tell me xact price for wave 2.pls m goin to buy this..
thnks in advance..

  • Jazys

Hey guys i brough this phone one weak ago this is suppurb phone no dought about that but i feel i waste my money by purchasing this phone b'coz os bada doesn't support sis or sisx files it supports only jar.
Sis files are compartable only in symbain devices

  • AnonD-14988

does this has conversations type messaging facility???

  • AnonD-14988

which 1 has fast internet ace or wave 2??? s internet speed and youtube video watchin s speed in wave 2??? plz help

  • AnonD-14988

which 1 has fast internet ace or wave 2??? plz help

  • ramz

and i heard that BADA 2.0 is gonna b released in september?? Is that true??? Mmmmwah luv you samsung

  • nikk

i wanna buy this phone guys,advise me where can i buy this for the best price in india??? Ive seen its price to be 14490 inr in and can i trust this site?? guys please advise ,thanks :)

  • chandu

go for wave11....amazing clarity and backup of battery.....c6 is poor in screen resolution...

  • AnonD-13984

is that phone support PPTP VPN ?

  • AnonD-16893

SHIV, 06 Aug 2011hi friends i brought my wave last month for 12,500/- india, its ... morei'm in india... from which place/shop/site u got it for 12.5k?

  • itsme

nice mob
how can we close the 3G connection?????????????
please someone help me
thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

francisco seixas, 01 Jul 2011 It,s a good and very nice phone. I'm satisfiedWave2 is better

  • AnonD-12498

if you are looking for mid range smart phone which can beat iphone4/galaxy s2
go for wave2

  • rk

which 1 is better wave ii or nokia c6 01

  • AnonD-12498

AnonD-16743, 06 Aug 2011Hello all, i am planning to buy a phone in a day or so..really ... morebada os is best os just go for it
i say no comparison between wave2 and ace
bada satisfied your all need
all usefull app are available
hd games are great
android cannot comparable with wave2's Hd games
all android device has problem in gaming error like
''your device is not compatible ''
they give more app but not all games are supported in phone

I was also confused before 3 months like you between wave2 and ace
but than I read review on gsmarena and find that wave2 user are satisfied
ace has bad review .

galaxy ace lag all times in specification you can see by comparing wave2

IM is good it has yahoo messenger,google talk,windows live messenger
you can chat online

and also push mail service is good
picsel document viewer is preintalled you can view pdf ,ms word,power point, ms exel
all type of files

just wait for bada 2.0 it can beat android( other than less apps )

  • mac

does it have dictionary? and what kind or version? tnx in advance. :)

  • john

please any body tell me why when i connect wifi it shows dns failed, what is the reason and what is the solution to connected with my wifi...

  • nikk

thankz a lott supernova-77,m gonna get this phone,n i wonder y samsung guys fogot to advertise dis phone :p

  • AnonD-16439

nikk, 06 Aug 2011hi guys iam planing to buy a phone ive bn thinking if i have to ... moreWave 2 also has separate GPU-PowerVR SGX540, which is same as used in Galaxy S I9000 so you got the idea how powerful it is...
Galaxy ace uses Adreno 200 which quite inferior to PowerVR SGX540
in theory, PowerVR SGX540= 3 X (Adreno 205) and
Adreno 205= 4 X (Adreno 200) you do the math :D
although it depends on processor to.. but wave 2 is any time superior...
the only dilemma is BADA OS... its good but the rate at which app market should grow is really bad.. rest all its a gr8 device :)