Samsung S8530 Wave II

Samsung S8530 Wave II

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  • sameer

AnonD-11483, 21 Jun 2011can i edit documents??? if not... then..... is there any way to ... morebro der is no editin option in dis phone..but dis phone is one of the best smart phone i have ever seen amazin video clarity n awesome picture quality so wry abt the phone bro chill

  • rahul480

Sam, 21 Jun 2011try 1234 and if nothing works take it to the service center.try 0000000

  • AnonD-8150

Hi guys, lots of queries here , please help me :

1. how do i minimize applications, so that I can start other applications simultaneously? For eg. how to minimize a game and start something else simultaneously, when i try to click the hardware "END" key, it comes out of the game and doesn't minimize it?

2. I have a Wi-fi connection in my surrounding, how to enable the Wi-Fi so that I can use internet for free, I clicked the Wi-Fi button, but then i don't get to know whether I am connected to that Wi-Fi or not also after enabling it, do we have to disable the 3G connection?

3. when i am downloading something from net, after downloading few KBs it shows "Failed" ? how to sort this out?

Lotss of questions .. PLEASE HELP ME .. m kinda stuck with all this


  • Shubh

Anyone having any info here when WAVE8530 (or BADA) going to have VOIP (skype) support?

  • AnonD-11483

can i edit documents??? if not... then..... is there any way to edit document????

  • Sam

shane, 20 Jun 2011I need to knw the phone password to lock my phone... I tried eve... moretry 1234 and if nothing works take it to the service center.

  • manish

how can i get fruti ninja for wave 2

plz help!!!

  • SIMI

Sam, 18 Jun 2011Wave 2 has numerous settings that can be configured. It almost h... morethxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Let me try this well.....

  • Anonymous

why when i watch youtube thr my phone it is so unclear??? can any one help me?

  • shane

I need to knw the phone password to lock my phone... I tried every thing from 11111 , 00000 , 0000 ,99999, 12345, etc... still i am unable to get it right... Could any one help me with this?


  • Shubh

guys anyone having any info...when wave8530 gonna support VOIP(skype)?

  • AnonD-9631

any comments on battery life?

  • Anonymous

ye its good working very fast

  • monty

hey frnd plz tell me ...i am bought wave 2 or not .. plz tell me frnd....quickly

  • karan

which is the best site for mkv videos?

  • Anonymous

Tamil, 19 Jun 2011I couldnt find any single usefull in Bada OS.. plz buy Ace .. it... morefor your kind information all wave2 user are sattisfied with gaming performance
ace not secondary camera,low resolusion scrren,law video clearity ,not 5.1 chanal ,only mp4 support,only 800mhz,only 128mb ram cant install many apps,no tv out,no flash support ,small tft screen ,no digital compaas ,not hd recording

  • Shubh

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2011how to use its wifi hotspotSetting > Connectivity > Mobile AP

turn it ON

  • Shubh

abad, 18 Jun 2011after using 6 month wave-2, some time touch didn`t work. did an... moreEven I am using this for last 5 issues till date.

  • Shubh

pushp, 18 Jun 2011does smsung wave 2 supports flv NO.
it wont support as well, though it will support, this will be fixed in September update.

Also if u transfer a .flv file thru will automatically get converted to a compatible format, even KIES installation is not necessary for this.

  • Shubh

AnonD-7182, 18 Jun 2011- I am from South Asia and I bought my Wave 2 from a local shop.... morethe current FW is KB2.
Try to upgrade thru KIES (in a PC)