Samsung S8530 Wave II

Samsung S8530 Wave II

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  • Shubh

AnonD-7182, 18 Jun 2011- I am from South Asia and I bought my Wave 2 from a local ... morethe current FW is KB2.
Try to upgrade thru KIES (in a PC)

  • Shubh

vryxen, 18 Jun 2011can anyone share an account that can download or already do... morethis is a serious issue...people started expecting cracked games just like a Windows PC.
1st ...go for a game if its not free.
2ndly...guys try to understand...the game developers put their game for sell in Samsung App store....Samsung in turn pays them...this is their mode of income. Bada is still in nascent if at this earlier stage people starts cracking the games then do you really think game-developers will really think of rolling out another game for BADA environment!

  • Anonymous

is this cell good in games??

  • Anonymous

how can i get paid games for free....
any username password which has good games ???
i need to test the gaming level of the game

  • Tamil

xxxx, 15 Jun 2011im confuse shall i buy wave 2 reply me fst \ I couldnt find any single usefull in Bada OS.. plz buy Ace .. its worth..Wave II Coming with 1Ghz processor .. but without any useful apps and Games.. its absolute waste.. and more over if u open more than 3 apps and 5 tabs in Browser.. it tells no memory.. check out and my preference would be Android..

  • Ready

Thir is exellent phone in terms of display&audio.. and camera quality is better and very fast processor. . This is amazing phone

  • dev

A gud n powerful phone...plays mkv freelyy....n gud game graphics.

  • maxi

wat is the default password of the phone

  • vryxen

can anyone share an account that can download or already downloaded the FREE NFS Shift? now NFS is not free anymore. I dont want the spoofed one coz I want to update my firmware for more battery life and smoother performance than Spoof enable firmware.

  • AnonD-7182

- I am from South Asia and I bought my Wave 2 from a local shop. When I checked my firmware, it is this: S8530BOJL3 (DTMJL3), which states this is for T-mobile Germany. I could use all my local operator provided services supported by phone. When I connect to Kies I am prompted with a newer FW: S8530BOKA2. My question is if I upgrade could the phone get Locked and unable to use my operator services. Also how can I get the change log of this new FW?

  • pushp

abad, 18 Jun 2011after using 6 month wave-2, some time touch didn`t work. d... moredoes smsung wave 2 supports flv

  • abad

after using 6 month wave-2, some time touch didn`t work.
did any body face the same problem

  • karan

arpit, 16 Jun 2011can anyone tell me how to use smileys in wave text pic in samsung apps it is amazing apps for best smilis.

  • karan

i m dissapointed to see that the camera of wave 2 in outdor visibility setting clearity is better than iphone 4 and galaxy s2
wave 2 is a lack of disappointing in gaming also now i m planing to buy s 9500 wave3 wait till 8 months

  • ashish

AnonD-10865, 14 Jun 2011wave 2 has Bada 1.2 which doesn't support Adobe flash playe... moreno..wave 2 has a flash support..whereas galaxy ace doesnt hve it..!

  • Anonymous

how to use its wifi hotspot

  • Sam

SIMI, 17 Jun 2011Hello Friends, please help me with the camera settings for ... moreWave 2 has numerous settings that can be configured. It almost has all the features of a Digital camera. So it is difficult to explain. Just see to that you focus the image by half depressing the camera button and then when the center metering turns green full depress the button completely to capture the photo.

  • k

SIMI, 17 Jun 2011Hello Friends, please help me with the camera settings for ... morein camera setting go to reset setting .

  • Mickey

Hey frns.. help me out from this.. While playing a game I'l be drawn back to the application screen displaying 'NOT ENOUGH MEMORY CLOSE SOME APPLICATIONS AND TRY AGAIN'
Why is this.? and I've put 2 widgets working in my homescreen... is this the prob.? plz reply...

  • Ramkkalyan

AnonD-8831, 15 Jun 2011When i go to samsung care they said it may be a memorycard ... moreThe phone will get heated up while charing and also while browins for a long time.

Leave it locked for couple of minutes and the heat will be gone. Wave II has metal body (good conductor of heat) so it will get heated fast and will also get cooled fast.

BAttery back up will be Max one day for all smart phones, anything more than that is a gift.