Samsung S8530 Wave II

Samsung S8530 Wave II

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  • Sud

Cn anyone please tell me if this phone is going to have Bada 2.0 upgrade.

  • jaanbaaz

can any one tell me, is there any procedure to track the lost handset by any way.

  • jaanbaaz

Please suggest me how can i track my lost handset, can any one help me.

  • Nic

Good day guys! I need help! Please tell me how can i get my wave II back to life! When i turn on my phone it only shows a mobilephone with a exclamation point then a computer, i dont know why! I think it's because when i upgrade the firmware of my phone via kies, it shows an error, ERROR UPGRADING FIRMWARE, then when i click the emergency firmware recovery it again shows an error, now my phone is nothing, i can't use it anymore,please somebody help me! I want my wave II back! :'c

  • arjun

hey friends
location : india
i m confused whether to go for nokia c7 or wave 2 plz suggest wave 2 having battery back up problem and what is approx. battery back up using less of apps..and also does samsung ace have poor resolution?? plz help..:)

  • AnonD-7165

Worst battery back-up ever had

  • AnonD-3171

i have seen somewhere in youtube, has some issue with changing wallpaper...can i set any wallpaper? and diff wallpaper for diff homepage ? and some widgets prb like disappear while playing games...

plz clarify...

  • Lenin

Hai guys....... I have few doubts about this phone.. plz help me with your good answers. 1.can we update bada? 2.can we adjust our own equalisers in music player? 3.does this phone supports avi, flv, formats of videos? 4.battery stands atleast for one day? is internet speed and wi-fi? 6.any hanging problems? is really good? plz give your openions.. thanx.

  • Ruben

Hey Wavers, Help me a bit....

1. What is the best Anti Virus for Wave II and kindly provide me the link where I can get it.

2. Shall I apply a screen guard on it, what are the pros and cons of using a screen guard?

  • Anonymous

i bought a Wave 2 a week back and i am really enjoying it.
Why it is better than Xperia X10

1.Battery back up is better than X10.( U can also compare the GSMarena specs)

2. I am able play 720p videos and they are amazing to watch in the SUPER CLEAR LCD display.It supports various formats. Xperia has only LCD.

3. Camera clarity is amazing and far better than X10's 8MP camera. Wave 2 has front camera for 3G video call. X10 has no front camera.

4. Audio clarity is also good and for videos it has 5.1 audio support with the earphones.

6. In Bangalore price is Rs15,700. Xperia costs 22,000

7. GPS map is good and has auto rotate, which the google map of X10 doesnt have. If you still prefer google map, you can download the java verrsion for Wave 2.

8. Wave 2 has TV out.

The only drawback of BADA over Android is it has less free apps. But to tell u the truth my friend has downloaded more than 30 free android apps but he hardly make us of them in his X10.
Even if u want to purchase apps on BADA OS it costs only around Rs66 to Rs250.

So go for WAVE 2

  • vara Chiru

phone is super, but cost is not super, my videocon phone is super

  • satyam

how about the audio quality on headphones is it good?gsmarena reviews about audio quality on headphones is not great .please users reply to my query on this issue

  • Sanjeev

ashwini, 25 Apr 2011I have wave II and I suggest don't buy Samsung Wave II, useless ... moreAshwini download e-buddy on ur wave to u,ll be able to chat....its a free java app....its good iam useing it brother.


pls suggest sony experia x 10 or wave ii.....
which one is better

pls suggest i'm in confusion

  • Anonymous

pls suggest sony experia x 10 or wave ii.....
which one is better

  • Anonymous

the phone good but the apps are worse

  • Trios

Awesome phone.....must buy.
Bought it last month...i never faced any hanging issues as mentioned in earlier posts...
The 'touch' and response are fantastic with 1GHz processor. Menu items are larger in size compared to any other Samsung smartphone unlike Galaxy S2, making it the best user interface a phone can have.
I felt a pinch with the availability of free Applications though. HD Video recording and playback are really good. The interface for messages and media player are really innovative. scheduled messages feature - task manager.Inbuilt Navigation refuses to work for some reason...issues with license synchronization and sensor calibration. Downloaded Samsung navigation app also doest not work.... will have to check if i am using them correctly...if any body was able to use the inbuilt Route 66 navigation ...please tell me the way to use it.

  • Jax

The Speaking-Microphone is to small, you have to talk loud so that the one whos listening on the other phone hears you loud enough. ;)

  • AnonD-6990

SAMSUNG WAVE 2 with android ginger bread,slide QWERTY, and HDMI out.. can make it the best smart phone in the world...

  • prasanna