Samsung S8530 Wave II

Samsung S8530 Wave II

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  • Mico

Can anybody give me some advice? Because i'm using wave II for two weeks now,.and i'm a little bit happy with it,.but!,. I'm thinking of switching my phone to galaxy sl I9003, can somebody tell me if i'm making a good decision?or i should stick to my wave? Please please help! Thanks

  • Anonymous

plz guys don't go for samsung wave 2 it has no useful apps n no good games also...... wat they show in tv's it makes u app experience is bigger and better.... tat app is rs.420 u should buy in samsumg apps...... i think it's total waste of money buying this phone so plz don't buy it..... go for android phones they provide apps for free..... im feeling cheated...... if u ve enough money to buy apps u go for it but i ll tell u all good apps are above rs.65

  • black_heart

hi guys can anyone plz tell me whether this phone can zoom its camera in highest resolution or is it same like the old one which cant zoom.........

  • denz

AnonD-3171, 23 Apr 2011plz DO NOT BUY NOKIA C7.. i bought it but i had to change it bc... moreis that true?coz im planning to buy one of these phones the c7 and wave 2...plz need ur reply

  • fred

J, 22 Apr 2011Hey guys! Please please please help! I just want to know how to ... moreIt seems to be a best stuff, but on the second hand, it is too difficult to manage for many reasons:
- difficult to register divx as well as the telephone itself.
- somme applications such as "Where is my car" do not run.
It's now about two months that I've got mine. And my appreciation should be expressed in one word: DISAPPOINTMENT!
Sorry for that.

  • Rishi

AnonD-5965, 12 Apr 2011Hi guys.. Can you please tell me weather WaveII supports docume... moreNo Wave 2 doesnot support any kind of Document editing.
For that u have to go for Paid Application.

  • Anonymous

nice display good speed but for kids and those kids who can dig deep into their dads pocket, pdf files password protected can't be seen navigation maps too costly option on you for a month or for year limited number of apps most of them slight useful are not cheap, games are to be bought so don't go on ad, rest money is yours if this same phone would have been installed with 2.3 gingerbread it will be a bomb in mobile market, samsung are you listening

  • Ragavan

Is it possible to zoom while taking photos?

  • sam

please suggest me between SAMSUNG WAVE II,Nokia C7,or SAMSUNG ACE
I want a phone with good speed and music
and should have some basic apps please suggest!

  • pammu

wat abt equalisers? plz reply

  • black_heart

hi guys,,can anyone plz tell me whether i can zoom the camear of wave2 in max resolution???????

  • nashwa

hi , am about to bye a cell phone , and am confused between galaxy i 9003 and samsung wave 2 , so do u guys know which is better?

  • kashish

no useful app on bada,fealing cheated..

  • phonewatcher

can MS office & PDF files be viewed on this

  • Sushi

Cherie, 23 Apr 2011Yes but Samsung Wave II will get Bada 2.0 update and I think it ... moreAs far as I've seen and read in a few blogs and video's I've watched HTML5 on the new Bada 2.0 is not going to support flash by default. And multi-tasking is something you need to watch out for, I really wish if Bada 2.0 offers better memory managment, I strongly feel if memory management is taken care on 2.0 most of the multi-tasking on this baby should be like butter sliding a hot pan or smooth like velvet!

  • wave1(s8500)

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2011But Wave has smaller screen than Wave IIsorry my friend i don't want to compare between wave 1 and wave 2. Even tough i like the display of wave 1 more, i have to say wave 2 has a great advantage with its bigger screen especially while browsing internet, and also during messaging and watching videos..(but wave1 is more comfortable to hold while calling)Even I preferred the smaller display initially but definitely not now...:)

  • deepak

good mobile you can afford.fully packed with all the features you need..better to watch hd movies with drag and drop feature.

  • Harsh

Cherie, 23 Apr 2011And HTC Desire is faster than Samsung or not? And which phone be... morehtc better in terms of internet brwsing but overall i will advice u to go for wave.

  • Anonymous

wave1(s8500), 23 Apr 2011I myself choose wave1, because i preferred its camera,HD video r... moreBut Wave has smaller screen than Wave II

  • Cherie

wave 1, 23 Apr 2011also htc desire has 512mb ram(?), whereas wave has only 256mb, s... moreYes but Samsung Wave II will get Bada 2.0 update and I think it has better multitasking and it has HTML5