Samsung S8530 Wave II

Samsung S8530 Wave II

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  • Anonymous

guys just wanna ask about wave 8530 i bought my samsung wave II 8530 and the battery only for 30hrs and i didnt use it for calls txt nor games...

  • asgme


I have 10 Home Screen pages, but I need only around 4 of them right now which has some widgets. But even if there are 6 empty pages in the Home Screen, I can not remove them from my Home Screen.

Do anybody has any idea how to remove the empty pages from Home Screen?

I have tested all permutations keeping the empty pages at the end, at the beginning and switching off and back to on, but could not remove any empty page from my Home Screen.

Thanks a lot.

  • AnonD-2182

anyone please help me

i am unable to do firmware upgrade for the last 2 weeks
"firmware upgrade has stopped working" window constantly pops up in kies everytime!!

  • Yassin

Guys can we chat in facebook in samsung bada os


Hey guys i m planning to buy this beauty on monday but before that i would like to clarify one thing regarding the apps. I checked samsung app store for wave2 and found like most of the apps are abruptly priced unlike android and ios apps in which the pricing seems to be fair.
I already own a nokia classic 3G phone. should i still go for this buddy or go for a ipodtouch which will add the WIFI facility which is missing in my nokia classic 3G phone.
Guys i m in a real confusion please help me out with this. Thanks in advance.

  • Dips

Karna, 02 Mar 2011Hey Guys. Where can i download good bada games (FREE) except ... morevisit the site
then just search BADA APPS

  • AnonD-974

so my fav apps are....

1. Compass
2. Magic Torch
3. Smart Guard
4. Colling Eng Dict

n talking abt d games...d best i found so far are...

1. Empire Defense lite
2. Little sailor
3. Final Strike
4. Amtalee
5. Hockey nation
6. Flick Master

  • Equilibrium

AnonD-2814, 02 Mar 2011I don't think I would bother getting a classic phone, Samsung, H... morei already have samsung waveII but i wanted to ask cuz it running about 12 hrs after unplugged from charging then requested to be plugged again ?

  • Amit

3G and CP-UART mode: I had posted earlier..I have problems getting 3G data (tata docomo, India).

I found out that being in CP-UART(which is the battery hogging one) mode my download speed was 80kbps...and in Ap-UART the download speed is just around 20kbps.

I am still not sure that in which mode I am getting which data..2G or 3G...

So does this mea that 3G data is accessible only in CPUART mode..or is this the case that in both the modes I am in 2G and still getting the speed difference in 2G network only?

Anyone using 3G being in AP-UART mode?

  • Inks

Can we share our top ten applications (paid or free) currently in our mobile one should/must have.
Mine is below:

1. velocam lite
2. keep it up
3. amtalee
4. turn em
5. flick master
6. hit my boss (awesome)
7. black style theme
8. graffitti (theme)
9. hubbly bubbly 2
10. perplex pro

please share ur views so that we dont have to search from all 3-4k applications


  • Anonymous

AskMeNot, 02 Mar 2011What classic phones would you guys recommend? Enough to have goo... moreGo for Nokia C5

  • Coolbob

Guys, i've seen the samsung mobiles site from germany and korea
they have this great phone even in a stunning PLATINUM SILVER colour
Please help me whether anyone has noticed or seen this colour available in India in any mobile store.
And i'm strictly against online shopping when it comes to electronic items

I am from Gujarat

You can check out the above sites if you want to!!!

The silver colour surely looks amazing!!!

Please help guys!!!

  • AnonD-2398

i have kies
but when the firmware is downloading via kies it gets interrupted saying no response

  • AnonD-2398

i got the phone with ddka1
and my battery performance is too low
so there is an update available for ddkb2
bt kies keeps gettin interrupted while downloading
samsung servers are slow and crap!

  • AnonD-2814

AskMeNot, 02 Mar 2011how long can you use the battery? Is classic phone still easier... moreI don't think I would bother getting a classic phone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia etc, are all making pretty good phones that cover most bases. I have the Wave 2 S8530 and its now my ebook, newspaper, video player, video and still camera, music player, internet connection and unbelievably a telephone. I get about 2 days per battery charge which is fine, I charge it whenever I get home anyway. Don't bother going backwards. I'd use any smart phone except an Apple ( overpriced and over-hyped).

  • chinna's

hi every1. i purchased s8530 on Fed'2011. n usage of (2)hrs per day after purchase of the said date ie., after (10) days i found there is batterry problem and the body is made up of steel, while completion of my chat the handset gets heat and it has very poor batterry performance. im getting (45) mins of batterry standby for (2G). i didn't used (3g) till todate ie. as on 01-03-2011. the specification which v found while surfing in net and v use and face with the handset are not tallied completely. its true

  • Anonymous

even my cpu usage is allwaysss 1 %
y so can ny one telll that

  • AskMeNot

What classic phones would you guys recommend? Enough to have good pics, music, battery life but not touchscreen phones?

  • AskMeNot

AnonD-2791, 01 Mar 2011hi guys recently bought my handset a month ago and it was gre... morehow long can you use the battery? Is classic phone still easier to use than touch phones?

  • Karna

Hey Guys.

Where can i download good bada games (FREE) except for samsung store.
if there are any site you know pls tell.
and are themes and other data available on net for bada platform.