Samsung S8530 Wave II

Samsung S8530 Wave II

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  • adab

is it true that the games played on iphone 4 can also be played on samsung wave? it has a different file type i guesed thats why its imposible?

  • Amit

AnonD-974, 10 Feb 2011hey can ne1 teme wat was d default mode of ur phone.. was dat A... moreWhere this can be found...."Ap uart" or "Cp uart"...????

  • vikash

AnonD-1185, 09 Feb 2011hey wave owners...need some help urgently bought my wave s853... moreby type this in ur key pad *#0*# u can only see ur secondry camera not take pic

  • asgme

AnonD-974, 10 Feb 2011hey can ne1 teme wat was d default mode of ur phone.. was dat A... moreWhere do you find this setting in your Wave II. Tell me, I will check further.

  • AnonD-974

hey can ne1 teme wat was d default mode of ur phone..
was dat Ap uart or Cp uart...????

mine was Ap uart n wen i switched to the other mode i really cudnt find any diff in performance can any1 help me wid dat...!!!

  • AnonD-1185

hey frndzz.... plzzz tell me how to activate smileys in wave 2 (s8530)..


  • Davin

Is it possible that Wave 2 can be replaced with Android 2.3 instead of Bada OS? Specs of the phone are extremely good and can easily run Android. Any answers to the querry.

  • Anonymous

wave 1 is gd ph but wave 2 better. better browser, gps problem fixed which wave 1 is facing. scratcproof compare to normal glass screen in wave 1.
faster than wave 1 but wave 1 speaker is louder. for the screen , wave 2 looks more natural and less artificial compare to wave 1 which is very vibrant thats signified it artificial outlook colours. bada os new version in wave 2. Batt wise wave 1 is bettet

  • Anonymous

For those who blah blah about the screen , my advuised is pls see the actual hp screen

Amoled in n8 cant even match the Super LCD wave 2.

See for yourself before you can passed the judgement

  • Anonymous

amoled screen colour in wave 1 is so vibrant that it looks like the colour you see in cartoon movie where the colour are very articial though its looks attractive.

For Super Clear LCD , the colour tone is sharper and the vibrant is lesser which made it realistic closer to nature colour than the articicial amoled screen.

  • Anonymous

wave 1 is the best screen in the bright and dont say that wave2 screen is better..i think u dont see the super amoled wave one...witch i have llast frnd just bought wave2...and wave2 is so biggy and the screen is very way near than super amoled....wave1 is the best.....

  • Ankit

Waver, 10 Feb 2011are you also enjoying the rubish screen too? why they changed th... moreThe screen of waveII is better in quality than the waveI which shows faks colors!
viewing angle is same as super amoled,


  • Siddharth

Hello Wave 2 users !! i am very much liking this phone and would highly appreciate if someone can help me finalize.i am a smartphone user for sometime now and i am really worried about the apps availability and future road-map of Bada.
I have been highly advised for investing in iOS or android, but this phone is providing me all that i want like high tech specs, good looks and great UI.
i am very high user of FB, Twitter, Google and Sales Force.
Current dilemma whether to go for this bada or android.For Android i can go for DEFY or HTC Desire.

Please help !

  • Abhi

Is there any chance that they might release the Wave II with Amoled Display again ? Since there are news doing the rounds that Samsung is going to launch Wave 833 Smartphone with Amoled Display during the MWC. So, probably there is no shortage of Amoled now.
But Wave 833 has got only 800 Mhz Proc. and 150 MB Internal Memory. So, it is a step below the Wave II.
But it still gets Amoled. But No Amoled for the higher spec'd Wave II. Very Strange. Can't understand Samsung's Marketing Strategy.

  • Waver

Tim, 07 Feb 2011i just dont understand isnt the samsung wave is super amoled jus... morebecause they wanted to save money and they come up with this rubish cheap display, they totally rouine this phone by this display!

  • Waver

sidh, 08 Feb 2011Hi friends ! i got Wave II few days back, its awesome phone, m l... moreare you also enjoying the rubish screen too? why they changed the beautiful super AMOLEAD to this rubish?

  • Waver

you guys waut for 2 months and get yourself a beautiful Galaxy S2, its got everything you can ever wish for.

will be announced on 14th Feb in Barcelona conference.

  • Waver

Wave Insider, 09 Feb 2011People who r willing to wait for a while may well strike a barga... morevery nice, but have you notice the process is slower 800MB? rather than 1GB !!
that is a big down fall

it will never kick off

  • Waver

BinKo, 09 Feb 2011Looks like a fake to me. But anyway only 800 Mhz processor when ... morethere is no such a thing as fake phone, there is no technology to make such a high quality phone.
so get your facts right mate!

  • Waver

ronx, 09 Feb 2011Just got my Wave 2 last week. The only word i could explain to i... moreHow many apps do you need to carry?
BADA has over 2500 apps most of them are better than anything I have seen in android, so what is the problem?
are you carrying 2000apps on your phone in one go?


the only problem with this phone is a rubish quality of display, why they changed it, short cut is never good, and they would loss money. because I am sticking with my WAVE I, which is the best phone ever made in my opinion