Samsung SCH-B100

Samsung SCH-B100

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Anonymous, 17 Jun 2010please you wish this think has no stylePeople like you clearly have no idea what "style" is. Look at how unique this looks, how is this not stylish? Get some taste please

    I never thought I would see a korean dumbphone like this here, really nice. One thing I do dislike about this thing though is the restrictions the carrier it was released on (SKT) gave it. I can't really give a proper review though, I don't own this device. I'll try and get my hands on one someday and hopefully it would be as nice as I originally imagined it to be

      Korean cellphone OK?

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        • NitinMukesh
        • uCr
        • 22 Jan 2012

        any tall me that wats the master reset key.??
        if we lost our paswerd or defoult passwerd..??

          • N
          • Nasty boi
          • 9LA
          • 08 May 2011

          Anonymous, 17 Jun 2010clearly you have no idea what beautiful is...I second you on that dude ...

            • H
            • Hamza Hayee
            • syj
            • 21 Oct 2010

            It is looking well but as I Don't Know about it's Feature so I can't give my opinion...

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • IaH
              • 17 Jun 2010

              moro, 17 Jan 2009it's very beautefulclearly you have no idea what beautiful is...

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • IaH
                • 17 Jun 2010

                shavona, 17 Jun 2010very good looking stylish phone one of the good 1s from sam... moreplease you wish this think has no style

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                  • shavona
                  • IaH
                  • 17 Jun 2010

                  very good looking stylish phone one of the good 1s from samsung keep it up.

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                    • moro
                    • NhJ
                    • 17 Jan 2009

                    it's very beauteful

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                      • smartboy
                      • utn
                      • 13 Jul 2008

                      pro phone design is really unique and sexy man..
                      cons but weight something around 170 g..
                      even dmb service not available in countries other then korea

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                        • Tina
                        • Rsn
                        • 26 Aug 2006

                        can this phone use in U.S?

                          • l
                          • lucas
                          • 43T
                          • 11 Jun 2006

                          why is this phone on gsmarena when its a cdma phone?

                            • S
                            • Shahriar
                            • Tmg
                            • 14 Apr 2006

                            Why doesnot have Bluetooth this good GSM?
                            It spoles.

                              • a
                              • alicia
                              • PFM
                              • 18 Mar 2006

                              i love this phone, i think it's really cool. I wanted to get one but is it really cdma not gsm?? I understand that this model only available in korea, some websites got people mention that it got GSM. So really get confuse.

                                • n
                                • noorjamal
                                • PTp
                                • 24 Jan 2006

                                hmmm... a cdma phone on gsm arena thts quite amazing and this phone looks horrible i mean yuck double yuck

                                  • F
                                  • Fernando
                                  • GqJ
                                  • 18 Jan 2006

                                  Is this a CDMA Phone in gsm arena?

                                    • H
                                    • Harry
                                    • m{R
                                    • 23 Dec 2005

                                    this is the first phone in the world and korea made sell bad phones in russia but in korea phone from samsung rocks!!!

                                      • s
                                      • shahnawaz ahmed
                                      • iKy
                                      • 23 Nov 2005

                                      this is the bad phone i have ever seen well i can't believe that it has 1mp camara in it

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                                        • seen
                                        • UDn
                                        • 24 Oct 2005

                                        this phone is the first one for satellite DMB in Korea..