Samsung sees off a financially successful 2008

23 Jan, 2009

Samsung were the last phone manufacturer from the Top 3 to announce their financial results. The Korean company recorded 22% increase in their mobile handsets sales totaling approximately 200 million units shipped worldwide in 2008.

This gives Samsung a market share of 15.8%, well ahead of LG, the third company in the ranking, but also way behind Nokia, the Numero Uno, cellphone manufaturer.

Samsung have also increased their profit by 10 percent over the last year, which given the plummeting demand recently is quite an achievement.

The company also has set quite high targets for itself for the year 2009 reaching 29% 3G handset market share (from 19% for 2008) and a 17% smartphone share (from 13% for 2008). Quite an optimistic forecast for sure, but having seen the company recent development not a totally unachievable one.


Reader comments

Key factor for dominance of Samsung was android, Nokia failed miserably choosing outdated winmo, if they just really knew what to do, was quite a failure

  • sandeep kumar

samsung is good mobile phone

  • uk88

i also work for a cell phone provider however to be honest its usually se's coming back in for repairs cus of software issues so id rate them the worst!!

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