Samsung sees soaring Q1 earnings driven by strong Galaxy S21 series

Michail, 07 April 2021

Samsung’s Q1 earnings forecast sees a reported total sales of KRW 65 trillion ($58.2 billion) fueled by strong sales of the flagship Galaxy S21 series and the home electronics appliances.

Samsung sees soaring Q1 earnings figures driven by Galaxy S21 series

The total operating profit jumped to KRW 9.3 trillion ($8.3 billion) which is up by 44% compared to the values for Q1 2020. The sales figures represent a 17% growth on a per-year basis. In addition, the mobile division is expected to rack in a combined KRW 4 trillion ($3.5 billion) in income while the TV and home appliances sector has served as a solid contributor. Keep in mind these are still preliminary figures so we’ll have to wait a bit more for the final report.

We’ve seen several reports on the success of the Galaxy S21 series which has leapfrogged statistics of the S20 series so it's interesting to see the consolidated data when the earnings report is released.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

They share out Huawei's market share which is nice.

S21 line-up sells much, much better than the S20 (probably because of a reduced price and corona which makes more people use their phones) so that surely brought in a huge part of the revenue.

  • Gowtham

Hey Sam We need snap chips for India version as well y u r forcing us to use exynos try them in cheap phones to test them in future flagships

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