Samsung showcases 13MP camera module with OIS

07 October, 2013

Samsung skipped optical image stabilization (OIS) on both its high-profile phones this year (Galaxy S4 and Note 3), while competitors HTC and LG both count on that to gain an edge. Samsung is working on an OIS-enabled camera though, the company demonstrated a 13MP camera module with OIS and improved low-light performance compared to current models.

The new module can correct up to 1.5°, while HTC One's camera tops out at 1°. Samsung also says that the camera's low-light performance for shots and videos is up to 8 times better than current cameras, though it didn’t go into details how that was achieved (OIS probably helped).

The camera module measures 10.5 x 10.5 x 5.9mm and will feature reduced power consumption. Samsung will be showcasing a prototype at the Kintex Exhibition Center starting today. The module will go in production early next year.

While Samsung's press release doesn’t mention models by name, it's quite likely that next year we'll be seeing the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 with OIS-enabled cameras. Samsung allegedly tried to do it with the Note 3 (but we got 2160p video instead) and is working on a 16MP OIS camera too.

Source (in Korean) | Via