Samsung SHW-M120S is the first Android phone with Bluetooth 3.0

10 March, 2010

While the first phone out there packing Bluetooth 3.0, the Wave, is about to hit the stores in a few weeks, the first Android-based smartphone with the latest version of Bluetooth is still waiting for its announcement. That's the Samsung SHW-M120S.

We have no images of the SHW-M120S to show you but there's a nice mini specs sheet. The Android-powered Samsung SHW-M120S is apparently meant to show up only in South Korea but the world isn't that big after all. And the M120S is GSM network compatible (HSDPA support is also on board).

Samsung SHW-M120S

Feature-wise, the Samsung SHW-M120S is quite reminiscent of the Samsung Wave, which we previewed recently. You get a 3.3" AMOLED touchscreen (it's not clear if we are talking about Wave's gorgeous Super AMOLED display), a 5-megapixel autofocus snapper and a secondary VGA camera.

Proximity sensor and an inbuilt accelerometer are also to see on the specs list. The SHW-M120S is expected to come with a T-DMB tuner and Wi-Fi support as well as a GPS receiver.

The M120S shows up only a month after the announcement of its bro, the M100S, which has a huge 3.7" Super AMOLED screen and plenty of other mouth-watering features.

There is still no information when the device will start shipping and if we can expect its European version to see daylight at some point.



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  • Sam

Samsung build taipei 101 engineering wonder,build petronas towers,it is one of the 3 builders burj dubai,leading manufacturer of semi conductors. We love you samsung.

  • Watchout

ouch mahn, easy!! what you talking like you got something personal with me... be cool... These phones aint gona make or destroy us,.. Right, the pixon12 was indeed a highend phone for its time... n oh, samsung does the innovations, they bring the FIR...

  • ridhobtmn

guys, check this out... (see wireless handset)

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