Samsung SM-Z130H pops up with a 480p display, Tizen OS 2.3

11 November, 2014

The user-agent profile of the yet unannounced Samsung SM-Z130H smartphone has popped up revealing some of the phone's specs. By the looks of it, the phone will sport a 1.2GHz CPU on the ARMv7 architecture (probably quad-core Cortex-A7 on the Snapdragon 400 platform) and will run Tizen OS 2.3.

The phone is built around a 4" display with 480p resolution. The pixel density is mere 288ppi, so we're clearly talking about an entry-level smartphone here. According to unconfirmed information, the phone will also sport a 3.2MP camera at the back and have 512MB of RAM.

Pricing and launch information is unavailable for now. The name of the phone is also unknown. Samsung might be preparing the phone to be in direct competition with the members of the Android One initiative. We suspect it will be very aggressively priced as well.

Expect an extended coverage as more information becomes available.

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Reader comments

  • raja

It not support clever dog smart camera app

  • raja

samsung one os super

  • Anonymous

bah another os to fragment the market and confuse the users. Stop making other oses and work hard to improve, optimize, speed up the existing ones!

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