Samsung starts mass producing GDDR6 chips for next-gen graphics cards

Peter, 18 January 2018

Samsung has started mass production of GDDR6 memory chips. They are bound for next-generation graphics cards, consoles, servers and other applications where a high bandwidth is required.

These chips are built on a 10nm process and have a capacity of 16 gigabits – a major improvement over Samsung’s 20nm 8 gigabit GDDR5 chips (which went into mass production 3 years ago). Also, a 35% reduction in power use is achieved since the new chips operate on 1.35V instead of 1.55V.

A system with a 384-bit memory bus can achieve 864 GB/s bandwidth, beating HBM2 memory used in some current high-end GPUs. A cheaper (and lower power) 256-bit bus can do 576 GB/s, which puts it slightly ahead of a 384-bit system using the older GDDR5 chips.

Samsung starts mass producing GDDR6 chips for next-gen graphics cards

It’s not yet clear when the first GDDR6-based products will hit the shelves, but Samsung believes they will be quickly adopted for virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 8K video processing and other demanding tasks.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 26 Jul 2018
  • mX@

I like to think these will be used in the 12 series for Nvidia or the 11 series if they aren't even made yet somewhere. GDDR6 is going to be beastly! Improvements with power and efficiency! Its the ultimate win win!

  • Anonymous
  • 21 Jan 2018
  • pdH

Ofcourse I know the difference. But you seems to not know that in the not so far past really cheap GPUs used ddr3 instead of gddr4 because ddr4 was a couple of buck cheaper... Maybe I should have put tai to my post to underline the message...

Well, that's Good News for the PC Enthusiasts and PC Gamers. Well, for those PC Enthusiasts and PC Gamers time to save up Money. Oh, sorry A Lot of Money cuz GPU Prices are already pretty High, thanks to Crypto-Currency/Crypto-Mining. At least for n...

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