Samsung starts mass production of 9th gen V-NAND: 50% higher density, 33% higher speed

Peter, 23 April 2024

Samsung announced that is has started mass production of the new 9th generation vertical NAND (V-NAND) memory chips. They have 50% higher bit density than 8th generation products.

Additionally, the 9th gen products support a new NAND flash interface called “Toggle 5.1” that enables data transfer speeds of up to 3.2Gbps, this is 33% higher than previous generations. To top it all off, the new chips are 10% more power efficient.

A lot of work went into the 9th generation of V-NAND. Samsung used new innovations like cell interference avoidance and cell life extension. Also, the company leveraged its advanced channel hole etching technology, which helps to maximize productivity at the factory.

Samsung starts mass production of 9th gen V-NAND: 50% higher density, 33% higher speed

The new faster, higher capacity V-NAND chips will be used in products like high-performance SSDs. Samsung plans to expand support for PCIe 5.0 to make use of all the extra speed.

Right now the company is mass producing 1Tb 9th gen V-NAND chips with triple-level cells (TLC). In the second half of this year it will also start making a quad-level cell (QLC) variant of these chips.



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I ignored this headline from two sites yesterday. It turns out this the reason some sites are giving warnings that SSDs and HDDs will rise prices even more this year, meaning to say they want you to buy now old inventory!!😅

fast(er) storage

Amd has always been a fraction of intel (both sales-wise and in operations scale). That didnt stop them from being a competitive and viable option though. Likewise both crucial and WD could have challenged samsung and while crucial has to some decree...

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