Samsung T659 Scarlet

Samsung T659 Scarlet

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  • Jamar1970

This is my third Samsung phone and best yet. It has a solid design..mostly metal. It has a loud speakerphone--louder than any phones I've had in the past. And it doesn't drop calls like others here complain about. (I've only had one dropped call in the three months I had it.) I didn't want a data-only phone (Smartphone and other web- or Windows- based phones), but I still wanted a lot of features and this phone was the most excellent choice. Bravo, Samsung!

  • Sher

g, 04 Mar 2010this phone has the proper bandwidth i need(1700&2100) b... moreNokia 6263

  • krisno

I have owned this phone for three months and to be completely honest i will get rid of it as quick as possible. It drops calls, can't hear the person on the other end can't hear it ring, can't hear it when receiving a text, rarely vibrates shuts off often. All in all it is as crapy as the first side kick. VERY UNIMPRESSEd not worth the money i spent on it

  • g

this phone has the proper bandwidth i need(1700&2100) but have trouble finding and ordering any phones with these specs....anybody have an idea? gsmarena should have something set up for that!!!

  • herman lemke jr.

JOHN, 20 Oct 2009i love you nancy.....Your sevise by phone is week, and I have till 11/5/09 to terurn product. where is the sell in sales.

  • JOHN

Nancy, 08 Oct 2009I used it for a few days and it did not quite impress me. V... morei love you nancy.....

  • RJ

'Scarlet' reminds me of LG's LCD TV.

  • Anonymous

Is somebody got it not linked with ATT subscription ?
Even if it is locked to ATT I want to buy it without any subscription.
Is somebody can help to provide a web store ?

  • Nancy

I used it for a few days and it did not quite impress me. Voice was low and unclear on the other side and few dropped calls as well.

The store person told the it is because of 3G technology and other users had similar issues.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

  • Billy

Got the phone from T-mobile and I love it. Good battery life and easy to use. Design is alright not great but will do for my need. Nothing new only an upgrade on features and capability.

  • Anonymous

ive had my scarlett for 2 days now. im lovin it so far. nice and simple, has gprs, 3g.

  • gemma

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2009Samsung makes a lot of boring phones for the American merke... morecoz american market got so many limitations i think....each carrier got thier own limitations i guess...

  • y0urm0msname

I have this phone-upgrade from a d820, nice n simple. Does anyone know how to install java games on it using jar/jad?

  • Kasra5004

Perhaps it's a little bit old fashioned,but it's good for people who use their cellphones only for talking and texting.(I know a lot of guys like this!)

  • Anonymous

dont know bout american market but here in india samsung is providing hell lot of cool phones at affordable prices....

  • Anonymous

Samsung makes a lot of boring phones for the American merket. Why is that?

  • Jason_se lover

Yehey at last I'm 1st! I think this looks like a phone from the old days