Samsung T746 Impact

Samsung T746 Impact

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  • Anonymous

Nathaniel, 16 Mar 2012I've had this phone for about 2 years now. I have the ice blue v... moreThis happened to me too!!!
I tried to hard reset, all that did was delete my texts, even with taking out the sim card. Does anyone have any suggestions or is this phone destined for a watery grave?

  • Adam D

AnonD-258795, 26 Aug 2014I want to know if this phone could download whatsappNo, I don't believe it could run the Whatsapp app. Apps on this phone are very limited, it only supports a few basic ones like Gmail.

  • AnonD-258795

I want to know if this phone could download whatsapp

  • Sammy

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2012you dont have an internet option on your plan thats whyI have no data or internet on my phone and I have caller display! It depends on your plan, not on internet capability!

  • Abby

My Samsung t746 phone won't let me see who's calling me , why?!

  • Anonymous

I like this phon. But i want to know if it's possible to download viber on this phone.

  • Anonymous

max, 03 May 2011I have the Samsung but I cannot get on the internet nor can I se... moreyou dont have an internet option on your plan thats why

  • Anonymous

I had this phone for a year and a half, no problems so far, it endured many things such has pretty heavy water damage, i dropped it a lot of times and it still work great.

Few things tho, the sound is really low even at maximum, and the touch can feel bizarre for the first few weeks but we get used to it :)

  • fayaz

ihave t749 phone need keypadnoplz

  • swaveydoll345

This phone is horrible. The screens sentiviity such. it deletes people out of my contacts. there is no 3.5mm headphone jack so i cant get new headphones. it is a hassle to take the memory card out becasue they protecter thing holding it down is broken. I wouldnt reccomend this phone to anyone, It is not a great phone.


dreams, 23 Aug 2012i need do internet settings manually,how to do?*#6984125*#

  • dreams

i need do internet settings manually,how to do?

  • saltkid

Lee, 03 Aug 2010If you only have text and talk without email, how do you downloa... moreYou need to download the New PC Studio here­ZAAVIR-downloads?isManualDownload=true You can then upload and download via you USB cable as much as you want. Be advised that the Firmware Upgrade feature doesn't work for this phone.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-25254, 07 Oct 20111 why is that my highlight does not support applications, i dow... moreI have the same problem. have you got any solution yet?

  • Nathaniel

I've had this phone for about 2 years now. I have the ice blue version, and it's been working well until around a year ago. It's been constantly freezing and rebooting, not responding to my touch, having an inaccurate battery percentage (though I think it's just me not using charging cycles)and a bunch of other things that really make it unusable. It fails to send text messages, as it just shows the loading screen for 2 minutes and says "try again?". Even if I try to send a picture message it shows an unknown error.
Overall, this WAS a great phone, but it just started to become a monster as it got older. What I really liked though is that it can survive quite anything, like dropping it and some water damage etc. without breaking. Also, the price I bought it for was reasonably low, so I'm happy about that.
But there's no point since it doesn't work for me. Might as well throw it in a lake.

  • AnonD-40708

AnonD-25254, 07 Oct 20111 why is that my highlight does not support applications, i dow... more any time i try to install opera and other applications am told to check my internet settings . does this phone not support applocations

  • T749

samsung t749 poor set voice ,speaker sound , touch is very good , can any body tell me how to change speaker because speaker sound very low

  • AnonD-25254

1 why is that my highlight does not support applications,
i download.
2 it tells me to check my internet configuration.
3 will there be a software up to give me full browser settings,because i only have clear cache,delete cookies,cookie options,delete history,preferences and about browser there.thank you.

  • AnonD-19935

well, had this phone for about 6 months. And now am bored, so went and bought a lg gt540. this fone does not have enough features. and only has 1 plain theme. which is boring. sound quietly is ok. and battery is awesome. this phone wont suit anyone who likes to play games, and always keep flash, more only for a text and call person . thanks

  • mark

Usualy when one buys a smart phone you think a feature like a gps is standard, in this case the only reason i bought this phone was for the gps. However the gps doesn't work unless you are on a yearly plan with Bell, i am on a pay as you go plan to prevent a huge bill from being racked up if i lose this gadget.So now i am going to smash this phone just like the other ones & buy a gps.