Samsung takes a look back at how the Galaxy Fold was designed

Peter, 19 November 2019

While it didn’t start off well, Samsung is proud of the final design of the Galaxy Fold. It was quite a journey getting here, the company published a short account of how its first foldable phone came to be.

Over 1,000 prototypes were made out of various materials, anything from foam board to fabrics was used. The design team looked at existing foldable objects you use day to day – from books to wallets.

Eventually, they settled on an inward folding design. This maximized the protection of the Infinity Flex Display. Samsung engineers also worked on distributing the weight of the phone equally to improve in-hand feel.

Samsung takes a look back at how the Galaxy Fold was designed

The most important factor was to make the best out of two scenarios – using the phone folded and unfolded. When it’s closed, the Galaxy Fold is narrow and easy to hold. Still, there 6 cameras in total dotted around the phone, ensuring that you can always snap a photo.

When unfolded, the squarish 7.3” screen was optimized for two-handed operation. The fingerprint reader was positioned on the side, so that it’s accessible in either configuration.

As for the finish, Samsung wanted to make the Galaxy Fold feel premium (it’s a pricey device, after all), but also wanted to make the a green product, so every element of the packaging is made out of eco-friendly materials.



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Everyone is like "OMG Moto RAZR beats this one up" even though 1 - Its not even out so we have no idea what issues that phone has and will come afloat through regular usage. 2 - Its not even the same type of phone. One is a tablet that turns ...

Do you realize that all the stuff you said are entirely subjective? I will give it to you on one or two but by no means Samsung "utterly screwed up with the final result". You should moderate yourself a bit more when venting your opinion.

The Motorola Razr 2019 has picked up some of the design elements from the Galaxy Fold. The 3 Part Hinge, is almost replica of the Fold, from the outside. Though I think the Razr has done some superb engineering of the curved fold on the inside (whic...

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