Samsung testing 65W charging for the Galaxy S22 series

Ivan, 22 July 2021

Samsung is testing new, faster 65W wired charging solution and it looks like it will be ready in time for the Galaxy S22 series in early 2022.

The information comes from tipster Tron, who's got a decent track record. Rainbow is the codename for the Galaxy S22 series, with R being the vanilla model, G the Plus and B the Ultra.

We first saw the 65W charger Samsung has in the works back in January, while in February it was certified with a maximum charging speed of 3.25 Amps at 20 Volts.

It's high time Samsung moved past the 25W charging speed it has topped its Galaxies at. There was that brief stint at 45W, which ultimately proved about as fast as the 25W - about 1 hour to top up a Galaxy Note10+ at the time.

The biggest question now is whether Samsung will supply the beefy charger in the box. Smart money is on it being a paid-for accessory.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Samsung, unfortunately has their technology on mobile phone held back for a while, considering it is always chinese companies heading first in terms of new phone technology such as instantaneous charging. I would hope to see improve on the next insta...

  • Anonymous

Not gimmicky, considering 20 minutes and 2 hours charging make a significant difference

That is applicable to most of the phones which comes with proprietary fast charging instead of USB Power Delivery protocol

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