Samsung to bring 2x mode to Galaxy S23 series in next update

Yordan, 08 May 2023

Samsung's Galaxy S23 smartphones have marvelous camera capabilities, but one feature is still missing. The company will soon enable 2x portrait zoom, the Samsung camera development team revealed in Korean community forums.

Samsung to bring 2x portrait zoom to Galaxy S23 series in next update

Currently, the Galaxy S23 smartphones have 1x and 3x in Portrait mode - toggling between the primary camera and the 3x telephoto unit with 10MP sensor and 70mm equivalent focal length.

The new feature will bring 2x zoom, which will keep using the main cam with digital zoom and some computational photography to boost the results.

Samsung to bring 2x portrait zoom to Galaxy S23 series in next update

Once the updated mode arrives for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 series should follow, as well as the Galaxy Z Fold4.

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Exynos was giving better sustained performance and better frame rate, the point is that Qualcomm 8 gen 1 started throttling much worse and lose more performance, also the efficiency declining at higher rate.

It's likely because during gaming, the Exynos 2200 was at a way lower frame rate to sustain its performance, and it's battery drained slower because there was less power needed to display the frames.

And Dxomark tests aren't reliable my dear friend, hence why they got accused of corruption, their data is wrong, since they put Chinese brands in the top of the best mobile in photography and in real life is the otherwise, same when they put the...

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