Samsung to launch Galaxy A 2017 on 5th January

Yordan, 28 December 2016

Yesterday we told you about a teaser from Samsung Malaysia about the new A-series and now we know more.

The company started sending out media invites for an event on 5th January. The invite includes some vague information about what to expect, including buzzwords like “A-list atmosphere” and “start the New Year afresh”. The most important part though is the actual confirmation that media and guests would see the Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) reveal.

Samsung Malaysia media invite

The event will take place next Thursday in Kuala Lumpur but all our sources have blacked out details.

As far as we know the next A-series devices will come with more powerful hardware, better front and back cameras and will be waterproof.

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Reader comments

  • lady gaga

hope samsung wont received the same fate as Old-ona latest wasnt love,it was a perfect illusion....

Samsung skimps on sensors.

  • Tom

That's because you use Android on tablets (which is a total wate, if you already have an Android pone). Some of the best tablets are from Lenovo, with Android or Windows 10, and from MS itself.