Samsung to update the Galaxy S III with a better screen and battery

13 March, 2013

Samsung might be working on a refreshed Galaxy S III edition with a better display, a bigger battery and wireless charging. Reportedly, the new battery capacity will be 2400 mAh - 14% more powerful than the original unit.

There is no info on what "better display" means, while the wireless charging is self-explanatory.

The information comes from Eldar Murtazin, who despite not having the best of rumor records recently, accurately leaked March 14 as the Galaxy S IV announcement date.

If you followed Samsung closely, you'll already know the manufacturer has a tradition of refreshing its old flagships. It has already done this twice with the original Galaxy S (Plus and Advance) and the Galaxy S II (Plus). So, if the Koreans were to refresh the Galaxy S III (which is their most popular smartphone to date), it probably won't raise too many eyebrows.

We guess the updated Galaxy S III announcement will only happen after the Galaxy S IV hype has settled down a bit, though.

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  • babloo

Unlock sirwes

  • AnonD-119863

A Samsung Galaxy SIII Plus would be a nice upgrade to those who cannot afford or unable to get their hands on an SIV. Please Samsung...hurry up already!!!

  • AnonD-123609

Before this comment...maybe because i provide a link, that they remove it. I can understand that