Samsung to use magnesium alloy for the Galaxy S7, rumor says

Vlad, 18 September, 2015

A new rumor out of Samsung's home country of South Korea claims to give us an idea of the material that will be used in the upcoming Galaxy S7. This is based on samples that are already in development.

Unlike the Galaxy S6, which uses an aluminum frame, the company's next flagship will allegedly be coming with a magnesium alloy construction.

This will be a unibody design, marking a departure from the Galaxy S6, in which only the frame is metallic, with the back being made of glass. The S7 would thus be Samsung's first fully metal flagship device ever.

The magnesium alloy was apparently chosen because of how light it is while still remaining strong and durable. Magnesium is said to be 2.8 times stronger than aluminum while weighing 65% less. Magnesium also gets less hot than aluminum, which is a feature that's of great use in the mobile world, where chipsets and displays generate quite a lot of heat.

The Galaxy S7 will reportedly come out in the first half of 2016, though a less vague time frame isn't known at the moment.

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  • Linas

Sound like somebody who doesn't known how to use battery saving options. Have both alpha and S4. S4 was huge improvement over S3 and easily got me over 3 days! I must admit I have battery replaced twice by under warranty, but the battery life was per...

  • Anonymous

And another think Samsung allready has the note series special for the customer like you who want bigger phones , then why make s series bigger ? They will loose customers that want to buy medium size phone, i prefer to buy an 10 years old phone that...

  • Anonymous

I had galaxy alpha , and i charget 3 times on a day .(and the phone was new) I love the galaxy alpha design , but the battery life sucks , and the camera is not that good . I personaly have i9506 s4 ( i will not buy for personal use a phone bigger th...