Samsung's TouchWiz Themes show up again

01 December, 2014

Last week we saw that Samsung is working on a new theme engine for its TouchWiz Android UI and another three images have surfaced showing more of the same in a little more detail.

The original source came from Italy and it seems the guys over there are the ones to beat - the latest images come from the Instagram feed of another Italian techie by the name of Antonio Monaco.

Samsung TouchWiz Themes

Themes allow users to change the appearance of the UI - background, wallpaper, icons, ringtones, fonts and colors - and are nothing new really. Sony has had a great theme engine for some time now and so do lots of makers. It's good to see Samsung hop on board as well.

The images show the new Themes option in the homescreen edit section (the one after a press and hold on the homescreen) along with a settings menu entry and the themes pictured in better detail. The leak features the Samsung basic, the Natural, Craft, one we can't see and Sweet.

As it turns out the theme support is already live on a number of Samsung smartphones over in China - Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5. So TouchWiz users can expect to see them outside of China soon.

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Then so is any phone that can do this. Does that mean Symbian copied cyanogenmod?

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  • Anonymous

i think your telling porkys as why would you use the same handset twice in a 64gb and 128gb