Samsung trademarks "Space Zoom" ahead of Galaxy S11 launch

Ro, 07 November 2019

An interesting patent popped up on EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) by Samsung describing technology for lossless zoom called "Space Zoom". It's very likely that the feature will find its way to one or all of the upcoming Galaxy S11 smartphones in February next year.

Samsung trademarks ''Space Zoom'' for a lossless hybrid zoom tech

The patent doesn't go into details but describes a feature that lets you zoom in on a subject without losing quality. This sounds a lot like some kind of hybrid zoom, meaning it uses the real magnification from a proper telephoto lens and then applies digital zoom and possibly image stacking to let you go even closer without a significant drop in quality.

Still, the patent is in line with previous rumors claiming that at least one of the Galaxy S11 versions will come with 5x telephoto camera.

We might have to wait until the Spring to see the Space Zoom come to life on the S11 and learn exactly what it is.



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Zero use? I have Microsoft Office 365, Twitter, Telegram and Flipboard all installed on my Windows Phone, since I use all of that every single day. Also, I frequently use Outlook Mail as my email tool. Disqus? Definitely relying on that, thank God th...

  • Anonymous
  • 10 Nov 2019
  • fCZ

You are using a dead OS with no regular security update. How on the earth this is more secure than Android which gets security patch every month? You are in delusion. Windows Phone in 2020 isn't secure and the app support is so bad please do a favor ...

I hate it because it was one of slowest camera on market. It was so slow that you could make at least 10 images using any other camera before you could open camera app and take picture using those nokias.

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