Samsung trolls Apple with "UnCrush" video, responding to controversial iPad Pro ad

Vlad, 16 May 2024

Apple got into a lot of hot water recently for releasing an ad for the new iPad Pros - it's called "Crush!" and the company even issued an apology for it, vowing to not air it on TV. Here it is for your viewing "pleasure":

Samsung couldn't help itself and responded to Apple's ad with a new video of its own, titled "UnCrush", which has the tagline "We would never crush creativity". Take a look:

Obviously, Samsung wants to capitalize on the controversy surrounding Apple's ad, which has pretty universally been hated across the internet. While we appreciate the intent behind Apple's ad (showing that the new iPad Pro can replace all of those objects), why it needed to literally crush everything to make its point is beyond us, and it's not a good look.

As for Samsung's attempt at trolling, it obviously wasn't surprising, and thus it's definitely nowhere near as shocking as Apple's ad. But is it effective? Let us know whether, following all this controversy, you'd consider buying a Galaxy Tab S9 over a new iPad Pro.


Reader comments

  • Wedey
  • 21 May 2024
  • IWd

Tell me which company use Android Tablet for business usage? hahaha. no right? than you still a small kid just thinking tablet for gaming and watch tik tok only.

  • Anonymous
  • 20 May 2024
  • 70d

14.6 inches.

Samsung trolls Apple by using Tab S9 Ultra. A 14 inch tablet with Snapdragon gen 2. And No SIM SLOT. Starts at $999. With 12GB ram and 256GB Storage. Increases to $1,069 for the 12GB ram and 512GB Storage. Maxed out at $1,319 for the 16GB ...

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