Samsung U600

Samsung U600

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  • Parveen

Best mobile

  • Anonymous

i..O.U.F.A, 28 Aug 2017Just found this phone on eBay selling for £4 (at the ... moreCurrently up to £15+, and that's for one in poor condition.

oghaweruog, 29 Dec 2018250 euro in today's money ribbon cable broken, plastic fram... moreDid the value of this phone really go up that much in 2018?!

  • oghaweruog

i..O.U.F.A, 28 Aug 2017Just found this phone on eBay selling for £4 (at the ... more250 euro in today's money ribbon cable broken, plastic frame, dead battery, charger port, now its worthless parts. same as other early phones. just lots of lost money. from the western region families.

Just found this phone on eBay selling for £4 (at the time of writing this)

  • Pablo

buddi, 08 Apr 2013this is a waste phone. battery is very weak, if we listen ... morei agree with you

  • Anonymous

I've been using this phone since 2009. Lasts forever.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2012I want itphone was great, it look good, i really miss my phone

  • Sebastian

i missed this phone....

ondoy took it from me

  • Blessing Favour

I need a cold or pin 2 use n open my phone it was went frm London . Wen i insert Nigeria networks it wil ask me 2 enter pin pls help oooooo. Reply

  • Anonymous

How to repair if camera is not function n if slide up why sound not exit the sound .
Please i need a good idea.

  • Anonymous

How to lit the flash light

  • aaa

Pascal, 08 Jul 2007Dear User, Set your silent mode in sound se... moreafter mater reset its vibrate on allbutons no vibrate when ringing no fix in setings.How to fix?

  • Katie

My favourite phone in da world!

  • The King

This phone was great, the iphone just doesnt feel the same in your hand...

  • AnonD-3538

I had this phone back in the day and loved it. Its design was and still is beautiful. It also functioned excellently as a phone which is exactly what it was supposed to do. I've since moved on to smartphones but I do miss the days when a mobile phone was just a mobile phone and not a mobile computer.
If Samsung could still release phones like this I would get one in a heartbeat.

  • pick&mix1

I've had this phone for 6 years nearly and has been a brilliant phone for me, small & compact, still going strong if a little stiff like me.

  • haagen dazs

i missed this phone...

  • newton

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2012i loved this phone when i had it!!! my friend smashed the s... moream seling my u600

  • AnonD-162290

samsung is quite infamous for their mobiles' battery life and this mobile was no different; also after approx 1.5 yrs the touchscreen broke and started playing up so badly that it made the phone impossible to use

HOWEVER to me it was and it still is one of the most beautiful mobile phones ever designed.