Samsung U700

Samsung U700

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  • Paul

I had this phone 13 years ago and seeing this again is really nostalgic. It was great as it lasted much longer on its battery than newer units.

My use of this phone was great. It was such a head-turner wherever I went. Its "flex" as they named it gets damaged every year or so but repairs were quick and easy. The camera quality was great, although videos were not as good. The shiny chrome finish also didn't last long, but this could be remedied by a protective film.

Overall I enjoyed the 2 years I've had this phone with me.

  • Vicky

I want buy this phone

  • Jolanda

Hi, i am looking to purchase this 3G phone Samsung U700 so anyone is still selling it..? kindly contact me at
Thank you.

  • Still using

I am still using my Samsung SGH-U700. The U700 has two main inherent problems. The chrome finish on the front side does not last long with every user (seen it) and the flex cable inside the U700 destroys itself in everyday use in about 1,5 years (experienced it several times). The flex cable is a clear (intentional?) design shortcoming and in some countries it violates national product laws. A product should be designed so that self-destruction by normal use is not possible. However, you can watch in YouTube, how to fix the cable by yourself and continue the use of U700. If you live in Germany, you can still buy new U700 slider phones at very convenient prices.

  • AnonD-438896

Ah... The mighty U700... I still remember the first day I got it. I was 7 treats old back in 2007. I had to choose this or the U600. I think I made a pretty good choice.

  • Anonymous

My samsung sgh U700 keyboards are not working. Can any one help

  • AnonD-292679

My first phone.I have now galaxy S2

  • Maz

Can u lock ur messages

  • Anonymous

my first phone with HSDPA.

  • r4abia

why my sgh U700 doesnt open photo on fb???? can anyone help me???

  • Dedy

akooblank, 20 Mar 2014Hye..anyone still using this phone?im just curios..thanksYes.i still using this phone u700.good

  • akooblank

Hye..anyone still using this phone?im just curios..thanks

  • AnonD-47678

Is Samsung U700 compatible with AWS networks?
In Networks Settings it says it has UMTS and as I know it's same as AWS.
Can some one help clearing this up?

  • Dbosch

This phone in Network Settings has UMTS, so Is this phone going to work for Windmobile[.ca] or Mobilicity[.ca] in Canada?
As far as I know (from Wiki) that AWS is same as UMTS Band 4.
Can some one clarify this?
thanks in advance

  • eugene

is their a program to download to reprogram this phone back to its original?pls. advise thanks

  • MO

need update for u700 please

  • Tousif Iqbal

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2011where would i get a strip for this phone?im in india!my dis... moreIts strip is compatible with many other samsung phones. Wat u need to do is remove the strip n go to some spare dealer n u ll find a match up for it

  • wen

enzo, 19 May 2011it looks lyk a good toy but mine is not showing on the lcd ... moreIt means that your strip or flex is already damage and need to be replaced

  • chipipay

this is my phone, every two months i change flex.. ^^

  • Freddie

To fix the strip, also known as the flex, buy it for as low as 10 dollars and replace it or else take to a serviceman. mine has a problem with the menu, anyone help please