Samsung US apologizes for exploding Galaxy Note7 fiasco

Himanshu, 16 September 2016

Shortly after the US CPSC announced an official recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone, Samsung US has apologized for the whole fiasco. The apology came in the form of a video featuring Tim Baxter (President & COO of Samsung Electronics America).

He also revealed that a total of 130,000 units have been exchanged so far.

In case you don't already know, around 1 million Note7 phablets have been recalled in the country, meaning the figure shared by Baxter stands at just 13% of the total faulty units in the US.

However, with Samsung confirming that replacement units will be available in the country "no later than September 21," it is expected that there will be a spike in the number of Note7 users participating the South Korean company's US exchange program.

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Reader comments

Watch the president carefully, he is paid to apologize.. Observe his eyes carefully, he is reading the written speech from the screen beside the camera. He isn't apologizing from his heart. C'mon Samsung, learn to apologize from the bottom of your he...

No it's NOT ok, it's samsung! They are a huge mobile company with millions of fans, this shouldn't have happened with Samsung, that's the problem here. There is no excuse for not testing their devices properly, there is no excuse for throwing t...

what I watch is "please we didn't mean to do thaat.. please give us your money now like a good sheep. We didn't mean not to test our best phone so far, we didn't mean to put our crup cleaners from the basement to test our note 7, they would do anythi...

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