Samsung V200

Samsung V200

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  • p{x
  • 05 Mar 2022

Anonymous, 03 May 2020I wish Samsung would revive this phone -even without the ca... moresame bro, old technologies are so underrated

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    • Anonymous
    • t75
    • 03 May 2020

    I wish Samsung would revive this phone -even without the camera, just to break away from technology where people can still reach you the "old-fashioned" way thru either call or sms.

      There was a different Samsung V200 released in 2000 in Korea that's nothing like this.

        My second phone :) Bought it in 2003. That year it was WOW to have something similar. However, it was very expensive (Latvia).
        I took a selfie and sent it to one girl... my future wife:) Probably, means was making quite ok pictures :)

          Came up few months earlier before first camera phone sharp j-sh04, but was not considered first camera phone cause it was treating and couldn't take image from distance or something like that :)

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            • Navjot singh
            • 7tA
            • 29 Mar 2016

            I like it

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              • Nky
              • J5E
              • 11 Nov 2015

              my first phone. Also the first phone with both normal and selfie camera?!

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                • ali
                • HIe
                • 31 Oct 2015

                Anonymous, 05 Sep 2015the first and only time i spent big bucks on a mobile phone... morei need mobil samsung v200

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                  • d%C
                  • 05 Sep 2015

                  the first and only time i spent big bucks on a mobile phone (540euros)...and that was the only device that was stolen from....i still have the charger,the headset and the spare battery....

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                    • mobile boy 82
                    • HB3
                    • 27 Apr 2015

                    Very strong phone and camera for his time,i am still using it right now! :)

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                      • Silpheed
                      • HjC
                      • 20 May 2014

                      This is the first phone i bought with my own money, pretty expensive back then, costed me about RM1.8k, the 360 degree rotating camera was such a hoha back then.

                      Pretty good and solid phone, lasted me a very long time.

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                        • gamospitos
                        • nmB
                        • 05 Sep 2012

                        ken, 27 Jul 2011my first expensive phone i ever had., mine too... i was 14 then (i didnt work of course) and my father spent a lot of money to buy this! i remember it costed 550€

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                          • ken
                          • v0X
                          • 27 Jul 2011

                          my first expensive phone i ever had. hahaha.

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                            • nitin
                            • utx
                            • 27 Jan 2011

                            i wanna buy this phone . in india where i can get it ? mail me

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                              • mexikanfox
                              • 4r8
                              • 20 Dec 2010

                              I remmember my firts phone, the samsung v200 was the best phone on 2003 whit 360 camera...

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                                • Paul
                                • MVf
                                • 08 Jul 2010

                                It's the best phone i've ever had. I live in the UK so i do have the choice to have a new Handset every year, i used lots of phone but this phone it's the best.
                                The poliphonic ringtone was so cool (2002) and the best option in my opinion for this phone was it's amovible camera, were you could switch to different angle just by turning the button on the side

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Nhk
                                  • 29 Oct 2009

                                  ive read alot of positive reviews about this old classic, but mine are not too positive, at the time when the phone was released in south africa it was highly expensive and came with next to no features as the other phones in the same price range or below.
                                  camera spinner wore out twice but was repaired quickley by manufacturer.

                                  i do agree on the comment that the buttons and display was good, it had nice big buttons so older non savy tech heads could still feel comfortable with a flip mobile.

                                  samgsung should rethink their late aproach and consider working out new phones that are similiar to this but with todays standerds of features,.

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                                    • memo
                                    • fvP
                                    • 27 Jun 2009

                                    its really good phone i had one before and i which i coulde i've one now

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                                      • scott
                                      • nEX
                                      • 08 Jun 2009

                                      melinda, 23 Apr 2009My mother love this phone,and dont want another phone becau... moreTry ebay . I agree it is a great little phone.

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                                        • melinda
                                        • Nxs
                                        • 23 Apr 2009

                                        My mother love this phone,and dont want another phone because the buttons is big and she can see clear on the phone. But the battery is not working so well anymore.
                                        Buy any change do you know were i can get a battery for the phone.

                                        thanks alot.