Samsung Watch Phone

Samsung Watch Phone

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I want this

  • joepea

The Urbane 150 is a waste of money, no real practical use for it if u carry a cell. I tried answering phone call and found it doesn't have this feature. I tried texting and error message continually stated that it didn't get what I said inspite of my message being shown clearly on the screen. For the price they sell this item one can buy a classier looking watch for far less money.

  • Anonymous

Captain Crunch , 24 Apr 2015Im looking to buy a new watch it besides this one and the n... moreThis one have been cancelled. You can buy the Samsung S9110. It is the 2009 version smartwatch. They released a lot of watch. From year 1998, 1999, 2003,2009, 2013, 2014 & 2015(soon). It is surprising to know that the first Samsung Galaxy Gear is really the 5th generation watch released by Samsung. Many people are waiting for the 2015 version since it will be the first round face watch by Samsung.

  • Captain Crunch

Im looking to buy a new watch it besides this one and the new Apple Watch. But I like this one design alot more. I like having physical bottons.

  • satish


  • patiano

Please i have one of this product but i want to know how to go about the charging system.

  • sanu

what is mobile price and what type use can reply me

  • Anonymous

So, the original galaxy gear. LOL

  • rockstar ajay

this mobile is superb

  • maxi

superb model

  • barman

srispda, 07 Sep 2013all in one-very good,,,so it is sweet

  • Munna Roy

Hi Samsung very nice for launching watch mobile that is helping our environment.

  • ALEX

IT'S amazing ......
i like it....

  • srispda

all in one-very good,,,


the price of samsung watch is cost.

  • hi

Announced 4Q, 2003 (?)

  • martin

i want samsung watch phone'i am in kenya how mach"

  • RAJ

i am waiting for launching this watch

  • sciut mi in da hed

who can't read cancelled. The phone is cancelled it says. Hey is this astroturfing?

  • joes

it's much esier to use than any other phone