Samsung will buy back old Galaxy S20 devices at up to 50% of MSRP after two years

Peter, 01 April 2020

Samsung announced an official buy-back program for the Galaxy S20 trio - you can return your old S20 up to two years after purchase and if it's in good condition, Samsung will give you up to 50% of its original price as credit when you buy a new phone or tablet.

This means you can get up to $700 for a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB, $800 for the 512GB model). A Galaxy S20+ can save you $600 if you took good care of it, a Galaxy S20 could be worth $500. Again, the phone needs to be in good condition - check out the FAQ for more details on what that means. Don't forget to enroll in the buy-back program when you buy your S20.

Samsung lets you transfer data from your old S20 to the new device in the comfort of your own home. It will send you the new device along with a shipping label, you have 15 days after receiving them to send the old phone back.

You will see the trade-in value of your old Galaxy S20 on or in the Shop Samsung app before you complete your purchase. You will only get the deal when buying a new device from the site or app.

Samsung will buy back old Galaxy S20 devices at up to 50% of MSRP after two years

Note that if Samsung doesn't like the condition of the S20 you send to it, it will value it at $25 or you can ask Samsung to send it back to you. At that point (or if you never send the old phone in the first place), you get charged the full amount for the new device.

The company may accept phones with cracked screens, but there's no guarantee. If the screen is cracked, the back and sides must not be cracked (along with meeting other requirements). Again check the FAQ and also look at the terms and conditions for more details.

Right now this buy-back program is available only to US customers.

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  • Anonymous

So what if you returned your s20 ultra within 10 days in excellent condition? do u still get FULL refund or just 50% refund? can u still get the old phone back that u traded in?

it says "up to 50%" if you want to get close to that your phone better be in mint condition which means you best be running dark mode in ALL apps to keep that burning low, along with a heavy-duty case and maybe in a cloth in the case itself to mak...

  • AnonD-732843

What bull am I saying about the Note4/Note9? - Please bring it up...oh wait, you can't because there is none. If you had the decency to read my original comment, properly, then you would understand that all I said was me having a slight disappoi...

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