Samsung will offer one time Galaxy Fold screen replacements in the US for $149

Michail, 24 September 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is officially hitting US stores on September 27 for $1980. In addition, Samsung has confirmed its will be offering a one-time screen replacement for $149. There is some fine-print however as this offer will only be eligible for those who purchase the device before December 31, 2019.

Source: The Verge
Source: The Verge

This is definitely good news as the Galaxy Fold’s polymer screen is highly susceptible to damage as we saw from a recent durability test.

Those planning to buy Samsung’s first foldable phone will have to do so in person at a Samsung Experience Store, AT&T or Best Buy store. All Galaxy Fold buyers will also receive special instructions from on-site experts on all the Fold's key features and how to take care of their new foldable phone.



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I'm a Huawei supporter, but I have to agree with you, the Mate X is just impractical for a regular market. I do hope that Huawei launches the Mate X , but in very low quantities and with as much education and support as Samsung. These prototype phone...

  • Anonymous
  • 26 Sep 2019
  • PUk

it says one time

Our fingernails don't touch the screen and our fingertips barely applied any pressure when we use our normal phones. But when we use the Galaxy Fold, we're human need to understand not to press hard on the screen with our fingernails or a razor.

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