Samsung will reveal why the Note7 went up in flames by the end of the year

Vlad, 29 November 2016

Remember the Samsung Galaxy Note7? It was launched a few months ago and it quickly blew up, seeing tremendous success across the world, selling 4.3 million units. Then it literally started blowing up. So why did it have this not so cute tendency to go all up in flames?

First, Samsung said a specific battery supplier was to blame - its own battery-making subsidiary, in fact. So the company issued a recall and then restarted sales of units using batteries from other sources. That didn't work out, the Note7s were still catching fire left and right. And that's when the device got discontinued.

Ever since, Samsung has been working on an internal investigation, vowing to find out the exact cause for the Note7 fires. According to a report out of the company's home country of South Korea, the conclusions of this investigation will be made public before the end of the year. Thus, within a month or so we should have a definitive cause for the Galaxy Note7 debacle. This should neatly tie up the Note7 story before the Galaxy S8 is announced at MWC in February.

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